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An Air Battle (空中戦 Kūchū-sen) is a gameplay mechanic in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing exclusively in Solo Mode, this form of battle typically appears at the beginning of each chapter, with the exception of Chapter 18.


Air Battles typically trigger when Palutena or Viridi grant Pit the Power of Flight as a means to reach his destination more quickly. This gives him the added benefit of stronger attacks due to the power's influence[1][2]—however, overusing this power runs the risk of severely harming Pit, forcing the angel to stay on land for most of his missions.[3]

Unlike Land Battles, Pit has almost no control over his flight path, as his route is dependent on whichever goddess is guiding him. In addition, shots from weapons do not lose nor gain power as they travel,[4] and this is the only time during gameplay in which Special Attacks can be performed.


The player should generally keep to moving Pit in wide, circular patterns to dodge enemy fire. An alternative is to refrain from attacking altogether, allowing Pit to perform a glide and dodge attacks more easily.

Though this form of battle takes place entirely in the air, the player can move Pit against certain surfaces to allow him to run across them instead, earning extra points in the process.[5] Defeating all enemies in a squad can also earn bonus points.[6]


  1. Loading Screen
    "In Air Battles, Pit's shots are given a huge boost by the power of flight. Their speed, damage, and accuracy are all increased."
  2. Loading Screen
    "Enemies are easier to defeat in Air Battles than they are in Land Battles. The rewards for doing so are also less great."
  3. Chapter 1, Air Battle
    Palutena: The power of flight is my gift to you. I'll control your route so you can focus on battle. But I can only maintain this power for five minutes at a time. After that, your wings will burn up, and you'll fall.
  4. Loading Screen
    "In Air Battles, shots from the same weapon do the same amount of damage regardless of the distance they travel."
  5. Loading Screen
    "In Air Battles, Pit can run on some surfaces by getting close enough. Try this on Hewdraw's back!"
  6. Loading Screen
    "In Air Battles, you'll earn a point bonus whenever you defeat all the enemies in a squad."
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