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Angel Land (エンジェランド Enjerando, "Angeland") is a location that was introduced in the original Kid Icarus.

Though it is referred to as a kingdom, Angel Land seems to actually be a realm that encompasses the Underworld, the Overworld, Skyworld, and the Palace in the Sky.


Co-ruled by Palutena and Medusa, Angel Land is where the gods and humans previously lived together in harmony. Palutena administered light, which granted the humans resources—however, Medusa, the goddess of darkness, grew disdainful of humanity, taking to withering their crops and turning them to stone. This created a feud between the two goddesses, which caused Palutena to transform Medusa into a cyclopic monster and banish her to the Underworld for her crimes.

Having joined forces with the Underworld Army, Medusa launched an ambush on the Palace in the Sky to exact revenge. Palutena was defeated, resulting in her imprisonment as well as the loss of the Three Sacred Treasures. Angel Land turned into a land of darkness under Medusa's rule, becoming inhabited by hoards of monsters.

Although imprisoned, Palutena used the last of her strength to grant Pit a bow and arrow, which he used to escape his own imprisonment in the Underworld.


Kid Icarus

Angel Land is divided into four worlds. Worlds 1, 2 and 3 each contain three areas and a fortress. Each world is cleared when Pit defeats the Gatekeeper (ENEMY) of the fortress. Pit's strength increases with the score at each area.

— Its Game Manual Description

Due to Palutena's imprisonment, Pit must journey across the Underworld, the Overworld, Skyworld, and the Palace in the Sky in order to restore peace to his realm. Along the way, he has to fight off each world's gatekeeper for possession of the Three Sacred Treasures, then use the sacred weapons to defeat Medusa once and for all.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

The world of Angel Land is divided into four separate stages: The Under World Tower, the Over World, the Sky World Tower, and the Sky Palace. The Under World Tower, the Over World, and the Sky World Tower stages are each divided into three areas and a Fortress. By defeating the Guardian of a fortress, the stage is cleared and Pit will reclaim one of The Three Sacred Treasures.

— Its Game Manual Description

A soothsayer informs Palutena that Angel Land will be attacked by an invasion of demons known as the Orcos. To counter this, Pit must journey through Angel Land once again, this time with the goal to train in order to wield the Three Sacred Treasures.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Any mention of Angel Land is completely absent from the English version of Kid Icarus: Uprising, though in the Japanese version, Skyworld itself is referred to as "Angeland." As a result, the Palutena's Temple stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is known as "Angeland" in Japan.


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