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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 15)

Aurum Battleships (オーラム戦艦 Ōramu Senkan, "Aurum Battleship") are units of the Aurum army that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

The Aurum Battleship is a large space craft made up of various different shapes. It has a dark blue surface, with light blue engravings scattered throughout.


Chapter 15: Mysterious Invaders

After the destruction of the Aurum Core, Pyrrhon notices a hoard of battleships headed for the Overworld in the distance.

Chapter 16: The Aurum Hive

Pit approaches a fleet of battleships with exposed weak points courtesy of Palutena. Pit then proceeds to destroy them one by one, causing the ship's interiors to explode.

As Hades takes the opportunity to send his minions in to hijack an Aurum Battleship, Pit arrives at the Aurum Hive and watches new ships emerge from it, to which Palutena informs him that there are no apparent entrances into the structure. While the two wonder how they should proceed, Hades suddenly crashes the battleship he stole into the hive's surface, creating an opening for the angel.

Chapter 17: The Aurum Brain

As Pit heads into the Aurum Brain Fortress, the battleships from outside shoot lasers into the interior in an attempt to wipe out the angel.

Idol Description

Aurum Battleship

The Aurum adjust their battleships to fit the scale of their enemies—the larger the planet to be conquered, the larger the ship to be produced. Thus, to take on Skyworld, the Aurum have created this massive, devastatingly powerful ship.




  1. Chapter 17, Land Battle
    Viridi: You've got a battleship on your tail!
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