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Aurum Hive



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 16)


The Aurum Hive (オーラム要塞 Ōramu Yōsai, "Aurum Fortress") is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 16, it is home to the Aurum Generator.

Physical Appearance

The exterior of the hive is a large sphere with intricate engravings, some of which are blue and glowing. Its surface has yellow triangles scattered across it, which act as one-way force fields for its ships to pass through.

The interior is cold and sterile, possessing silver walls and floors with automatic doors. Within these rooms are massive fans for cooling, and various enemies and obstacles for defense. However, near its center is a vast expanse, which contains lengthy Grind Rails that lead to the Aurum Generator.


Chapter 16: The Aurum Hive

In order to eliminate the Aurum's fleet, Palutena sends Pit in to infiltrate the Aurum Hive. When he arrives, however, he finds that there are no entrances, forcing Hades to crash an Aurum Battleship into the structure in order to create an opening.

Pit heads inside and searches for the Aurum Generator—however, he accidentally triggers an alarm system on his way in. He is then forced to defeat several waves of enemies as he travels further in, finally reaching the power generator at the hive's center.

As Pit proceeds to battle against the generator, Pyrrhon suddenly appears inside the room. He then attempts to help the angel, only to discover that his fire-based attacks make the generator stronger, causing the battle to become more difficult for Pit.

Once the generator is destroyed, the Aurum Hive begins to break apart before imploding on itself, allowing the gods to now focus their efforts on the Aurum Brain.

Idol Description

Aurum Hive

This space base serves as a hive for Aurum battleships. The Aurum harvest resources from conquered worlds and deposit them in the Aurum Hive to be used in the production of the ships that guard the Aurum as they travel.



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