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Chapter 25: The War's End

Boss Battle (ボスバトル Bosu Batoru) is the bonus chapter of Kid Icarus: Uprising, which can be unlocked after completing Chapter 25.

Acting as the game's designated boss rush mode, players must face off against all previously fought bosses, with the exception of mini-bosses and Hades. Losing at any point during this mode will require the player to start over from the beginning.

In order to unlock Normal and Hard modes, the player must first clear Boss Battle on Easy mode before being allowed to progress to higher difficulties.

Rest Area

After the first battle with Twinbellows, the player will be sent to a small room, which they will then be sent to in between each remaining boss thereafter. This room consists of a single, dimly lit platform, a glowing doorway, floating stones in the distance, and an image of each boss previously defeated, as well as the player's next opponent, displayed on the walls.

The room also contains five Drinks of the Gods which can be used to heal between rounds. However, because these drinks aren't replenished after consumption, players should ration them out carefully to last throughout the entirety of the mode.

After the defeat of Medusa, Aurum Pyrrhon, and Pseudo-Palutena, a randomly selected weapon will appear in the room by the door.


For more detail regarding each boss, see Kid Icarus: Uprising Bosses.
  1. Twinbellows the Ferocious
  2. Dark Lord Gaol
  3. Hewdraw Reborn
  4. Great Reaper
  5. Goddess of Calamity, Pandora
  6. Dark Pit
  7. God of Death, Thanatos
  8. Galactic Fiend Kraken
  9. Medusa, Queen of the Underworld
  10. The Immortal Phoenix
  11. Cragalanche the Mighty
  12. Reset Bomb Pod
  13. Arlon the Serene
  14. Lightning Flash Phosphora
  15. Aurum Core
  16. Aurum Generator
  17. Aurum Pyrrhon
  18. Pit's Body
  19. Chariot Master
  20. Goddess Palutena
  21. Chaos Kin
  22. Amazon Pandora
  23. Heart of Hades
  24. Magnus and Gaol
  25. Pseudo-Palutena
  26. Great Sacred Treasure


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