Pit-Fortune Bow-Uprising

Pit wielding the Fortune Bow.

The Bow (神弓 Shinkyū, "God Bow") is Pit's signature weapon type throughout the Kid Icarus series. While it primarily excelled in ranged attacks prior to Kid Icarus: Uprising, it became capable of melee attacks after Pit's redesign in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Kid Icarus

Pit carries an unlimited supply of arrows which can be aimed vertically or horizontally. Though initially short-ranged, his bow can be upgraded to have a farther reach by obtaining the Sacred Bow.

In addition, earning Arrows will increase Pit's overall strength, and obtaining the Fire Arrow will increase his damage output.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Pit's bow functions virtually the same as it did in the original Kid Icarus.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

The bow returns as one of the nine weapon types the player can choose from. Specializing in ranged combat, its melee attacks are typically weak, which it makes up for in good homing capabilities.

Super Smash Bros. series

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pit uses the Palutena Bow for nearly all of his attacks, splitting it into two blades for close-range combat.

Pit's bow in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U functions similarly to how it did in the previous installment, only now his Side Special has been replaced with the Upperdash Arm.



Idol Description


Fortune Bow Bows fire fast homing shots, making them well suited to medium- and long-range attacks. Their shots are small, slightly increasing in damage over long ranges. The Fortune Bow was designed to be a well-balanced version of this weapon. Fortunebow
Silver Bow Prototype of a bow designed by Palutena, it's the only weapon of its type whose shot power is higher at close range. Also features a relatively high firing range and homing ability, making it a solid choice for skilled users. Silver Bow
Meteor Bow The shots fired by this weapon have the longest range of any bow. While its charged shots are large and travel fast, they don't have much homing ability or power. Compensate for this with its heavy homing continuous fire. Meteorbow
Divine Bow A bow made from the wood of a sacred tree. Its fearsome energy is kept in check by the bow's many seals. Its charged shots have a strong potential of nullifying enemy fire. It also charges quickly and has a high homing ability. Divinebow
Darkness Bow The Darkness Bow is shrouded in mystery. Its ranged attacks are powerful, and it even excels as a melee weapon. However, it comes up short in terms of homing ability and charge time. Darkness Bow
Crystal Bow A bow carved from crystal taken from a forest near the home of the gods. It has high overall attack power, and fires fairly large projectiles. However, it has a short firing range, giving it a narrow sweet spot for attacks. Crystal Bow
Angel Bow Based on the god of love, the Angel Bow fires shots that relentlessly pursue their targets. However, they travel slowly and are not particularly powerful. Multiplayer opponents can easily dodge its shots when attacked head-on. Angelbow
Hawkeye Bow Why get close to foes when you can snipe from afar? This bow's high-speed shots have a long range and have the strong potential to nullify incoming fire. However, its melee damage is weak, and it takes quite some time to charge. Hawkeyebow
Sagittarius Bow The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Sagittarius. Its shots can pierce through multiple opponents, making it a great choice when outnumbered. Though it takes a long time to charge, it makes up for it in high damage and shot speed. Sagittariusbow
Aurum Bow A bow created using Aurum technology. Rare among bows, its continuous-fire dash attack unleashes a barrage of multiple shots. Though it has good range and great homing ability, its low attack power makes it better at a distance. Aurumbow
Palutena Bow Painstakingly crafted by Palutena herself, this bow's shots gain speed the farther they travel. Though its standing shots are weak, its dash shots are mighty. So keep moving, and don't leave yourself open to counterattacks! Item03 04 on
Phosphora Bow A bow crafted from Phosphora's scarf. Its charged shots tend to hit enemies, even when fired aimlessly. Although it lacks in power, its shots have the ability to paralyze foes. As a bonus, those who use it are graced with lightning-quick speed. Phosphorabow


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