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We live to serve, Captain!

— Centurion Strongarm
Centurion Strongarm



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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 17)


Troops in Palutena's Guard


Slams enemies into the ground
Throws barbells

Centurion Strongarms (イカロスマッチョ Ikarosu Matcho, lit. "Icarus Macho") are troops in Palutena's Army that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Acting as offensive equivalents to regular Centurions, they were first introduced in Chapter 17.

Physical Appearance

Unlike standard Centurions, Centurion Strongarms are big and muscular, having large arms that nearly reach the ground. They have wings poking out from either side of their gold helmets, and chains wrapping around their chests and wrists. In addition, they wear white gloves, skirts, and sandals, and a brown belt with a gold buckle.


Chapter 17: The Aurum Brain

When Pit's Power of Flight runs out while he's still in mid-air, he is caught by a group of Viridi's troops. However, they too eventually fall, forcing Palutena to summon a pair of Centurion Strongarms. The Strongarms carry a small platform, allowing Pit to continue through the Aurum fortress until he arrives at Aurum Pyrrhon. Pyrrhon will not attack the Strongarms that carry the platform that Pit is standing on, allowing the angel to focus on attacking and avoiding damage.

Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos

After Palutena becomes controlled by the Chaos Kin, the Centurions, Centurion Strongarms, and Centurion Knights all attack the Decimated Town.

Once Pit takes over Magnus's body, he fights Centurion Strongarms—among other members of Palutena's Army—in order to reclaim his own body.

Idol Description

While very strong, these muscle-bound centurions aren't the brightest bunch. Therefore they're often tasked with hurling barbells and working the crank that converts weapons into hearts. They make excellent moving buddies.



  • Centurion Strongarms have a tattoo of Palutena's head on their left arms. This design also appears on the side of the barbells they throw.

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