The following is a transcript for the English version of Chapter 6: Dark Pit.

Air Battle

(Pit rushes to the door to start the level.)

Palutena: I've located Dark Pit!

Pit: Where is he?!

(Pit leaps through the door, only to be attacked by Dark Pit from below.)

Pit: Ow!

(Pit and Dark Pit engage in a brief scuffle, then Dark Pit flies away and Pit pursues him.)

Dark Pit: Look who finally caught up!

Pit: What is your problem?

Pit: Are you with the Underworld Army?! Is that why you have it out for me?

Dark Pit: Don't be ridiculous! I just don't like the idea of someone copying my act.

Pit: What?! But you're a copy of ME!

Dark Pit: Come on now. Think about it. If I was a copy, why would I kick my own butt?

(Underworld enemies begin appearing.)

Pit: Great. Now the Underworld Army's here too.

Medusa: You're a real go-getter, Dark Pit. I like that.

Dark Pit: Is that so?

Medusa: Yes, though I AM curious how you plan to best your doppelganger. Of course, destroying Pit would be a snap with a little help from me.

Dark Pit: Don't make me laugh.

Medusa: Did I say something funny?

Dark Pit: You've got me confused with the other guy. THIS Pit is no pawn. I'll take care of him, but only after I finish you!

Medusa: Hmm... Now this is a little...bizarre.

Pit: I know, right? The mouth on that guy! I'd never talk like that.

Medusa: That's not what I meant.

Palutena: Sorry. He can be a little thick.

Medusa: The Mirror of Truth created Dark Pit. So his allegiance should be to the Underworld Army.

Palutena: Hmmm...

(The Touch Screen displays a picture of Pit shattering the Mirror of Truth, creating Dark Pit.)

Palutena: I wonder if the mirror cracked before the copy was complete.

Medusa: So that explains it!

Pit: So if Dark Pit isn't with the Underworld Army... Does that mean I don't have to fight him?

Palutena: The problem is that Dark Pit is fundamentally wicked and destructive.

Pit: Yeah, tell me about it.

Palutena: He will attack anything.

Pit: He does seem pretty aggro.

Palutena: He was created from you, Pit. He could very well be manifesting your...dark side. His very existence is unnatural. He must be eliminated.

Pit: OK... I mean, it's still weird to me, but it makes sense when you explain it.

Pit: Let me get this straight. The Mirror of Truth was replicating monsters. So, now that it's broken, the Underworld Army can't generate new troops, right?

Palutena: If that were the case, their numbers would be shrinking. But that's not happening.

Pit: Then where else could Medusa be getting her reinforcements from?

Palutena: I really don't know. But there's something very strange about them.

Pit: Like their faces?

Palutena: I'm talking more about their interior. Specifically, their souls.

Pit: So how do we get to the bottom of this?

Palutena: Well, one thing's for certain. Medusa's the source of all this trouble. But Dark Pit presents the more immediate threat. For now, just keep the heat on him!

Medusa: So you two defeated Pandora, hmm?

Pit: Of course!

Palutena: You don't seem too upset that we took out one of your top commanders, Medusa.

Medusa: Pandora may be gone, but her powers live on in Dark Pit.

Dark Pit: Another astute observation from the supreme leader of the Underworld.

Medusa: My, aren't you prickly. Even so, your power of flight seems to outlast Palutena's.

Palutena: I can't say I'm not envious.

Pit: Don't let her get to you!

Palutena: However, who's to say that his power won't eventually run out?

Pit: Yeah! After all, your flight power only lasts for five minutes!

Palutena: Pretty horrendous fuel economy, huh?

Pit: Oh, uh, I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean it like that.

Palutena: I guess we're both bad at flying.

(Dark Pit flies behind a dormant Zurret and yanks it out of its pot.)

Pit: Look over there!

Palutena: What's he doing with that?

Pit: Using me for target practice!

(Dark Pit begins shooting Pit with it.)

Medusa: Not bad, not bad!

(Dark Pit flies away and Pit follows him toward the Temple Ruins.)

Pit: What is that place?

Palutena: They look like ruins of some sort.

Pit: I'd better land soon.

Medusa: And I'd better get started on deploying my troops.

Pit: Come on! Is that really necessary?!

(Pit flies down toward his landing destination.)

Land Battle

(Pit lands in the ruins.)

Palutena: Somewhere within these ruins is Pittoo.

Pit: Uh...gesundheit?

Palutena: No, Pittoo. As in Pit Two. As in Dark Pit. Pretty great nickname I came up with, huh?

Pit: But not as great as Ptooey, right? Right? ...Uh, anyway. So, the plan is to find...Pittoo and take him out.

Palutena: Correct. He might try to escape, but we can't let him get away.

Pit: Understood!

Palutena: Pittoo could be anywhere, but following Underworld troops might lead you to him. They're none too pleased with Pittoo for absconding with Pandora's powers.

  • [If Pit wanders around before fighting Dark Pit in the open area.]
Palutena: Are you a little lost? There should be a path from the fountain to an open area.
  • [If Pit wanders around before fighting Dark Pit at the mountain.]
Palutena: If you feel lost, go back to the fountain. From there, you have four possible paths. Pittoo should be down one of them.
  • [If Pit wanders around before fighting Dark Pit at the altar.]
Palutena: Pittoo is at the altar on the hill. You can see it from the fountain.
  • [If Pit wanders around before fighting Dark Pit underground.]
Palutena: Pittoo is hiding out underground. There's a hole in the floor of the temple ruins that will take you there.

Open Area

(Pit arrives in the open area.)
  • [If Dark Pit is at the open area.]
Pit: Ptooey spotted!
  • [The following dialogue will play regardless of whether or not Dark Pit is there.]
Pit: Hey, what's that hunk of metal?
Palutena: It's a Cherubot. No, don't shoot it. It's not an enemy. Get up close, and use the attack button to get in.
  • [If Pit hops into the Cherubot.]
Pit: Yeehaw! This is great!
Palutena: The Cherubot is both armor and weapon. Even jumping in it packs a punch! Tap the icon on the Touch Screen to do a jump that emits a shock wave when you land.
Pit: Cherubot, you're my new best friend. Don't tell Lady Palutena.
  • [If Pit tries to exit the open area while piloting the Cherubot.]
Pit: I can't get out of here! Now what?
Palutena: I guess you'll just have to abandon the Cherubot.
Pit: Aw, man! But I love Cherubot!
Palutena: Unfortunately, it won't fit through tight spaces. Tap the arrow on the Touch Screen to get down.


  • [If Dark Pit is at the top of the mountain.]
(Pit begins walking up the trail leading to the mountain.)
Palutena: Pittoo is on top of the mountain up ahead.
Pit: How'd he get up there?
Palutena: I don't know, but he's targeting you with a sniping staff, Pit.
  • [If Pit gets hit by Dark Pit's staff 4 times while heading up the trail.]
Palutena: For now, the most important thing is to stay out of harm's way.
(Pit reaches Dark Pit at the top.)
Pit: Whew! It was kind of tiring making it all the way up here.
  • [If Pit heads to the mountain area after Dark Pit's first defeat, when Dark Pit is not there.]
Pit: It's a shame that Pittoo is so obnoxious. Just think of all the stuff you could get done with more than one of yourself.
Palutena: That's a good idea. Having a bunch of Pits COULD come in handy...
Pit: But you would NEVER abuse your power, right?
Palutena: Of course I would. That's part of the goddess job description.
Pit: I should've gone to school for goddessry.

Altar on the Hill

  • [If Dark Pit is at the altar on the hill.]
(Pit approaches the altar.)
Palutena: That seems to be an altar up ahead. Go there.
Pit: You got it!
(Pit confronts Dark Pit.)
Pit: Ha! Found you!
Dark Pit: Finding me's the easy part!

Underground Cavern

  • [If Dark Pit is in the underground cavern.]
(Pit walks through a narrow path and approaches the ruins of a temple.)
Palutena: This must have been a temple.
Medusa: Humans turn to the gods in times of need and forget them in times of prosperity. They really are a fickle bunch.
(Pit confronts Dark Pit.)
Dark Pit: Hey there, Pit Stain!
Pit: You know I could call you the same thing, right?


(After Dark Pit is defeated for the first time, he teleports away.)

Dark Pit: See ya!

Pit: He got away!

Palutena: It's OK. He couldn't have gone far.

  • [If Dark Pit has fled to the open area.]
Palutena: We need to stay after him. I'm sensing that he's in an open area.
  • [If Dark Pit has fled to the mountain.]
Palutena: I think you'll be able to find Pittoo at the end of a trail. The area by the fountain seems like a good place to start looking.
  • [If Dark Pit has fled to the altar.]
Palutena: Pittoo is at the altar on the hill. It's visible from the fountain.
  • [If Dark Pit has fled to the underground cavern.]
Palutena: I'm sensing that Pittoo is hiding in the dark. There may be a path by the fountain that leads somewhere underground.

(After Dark Pit's first defeat, Food appears by the fountain.)

Pit: So, where's all this food always coming from?

Palutena: I thought you might want a little snack. Plus, it's fun leaving surprises for you.

Pit: Aw, thanks! You're always looking out for me. Nothing works up an appetite like dodging enemy fire!

(After his second defeat, Dark Pit teleports away.)

Dark Pit: Little pest!

Pit: Trying to escape again?!

Palutena: You only need to defeat him one more time.

Palutena: He's headed for the area by the fountain. Stay on him.

(Pit arrives at the fountain and takes a newly placed grind rail up toward a group of floating platforms.)

Boss Battle

(Pit encounters Dark Pit standing at the top of the floating platforms.)

Pit and Dark Pit: Let's do this!

(The battle initiates.)

Dark Pit: Bring it, puppet!

Pit: Who are you calling a puppet?!

Dark Pit: Palutena says jump, you jump. She says fight, you fight. It sounds like a very satisfying existence. For her, that is.

Pit: I have absolute faith in Lady Palutena!

Dark Pit: The Mirror of Truth doesn't lie. I'm a reflection of your true self. So maybe your faith in her isn't quite so absolute after all.

Pit: What would you know about faith anyway, you treacherous blackheart?! Lady Palutena always guides me the right way. That's why I follow her! And the Mirror of Truth you mentioned?! It's nothing more than a pane of lies. Pandora was just using it as bait!

Dark Pit: Looks like I touched a nerve. Methinks the puppet doth protest too much.

Pit: Oh, will you give it a rest already?

Dark Pit: OK, fine. Do what you want. Or rather, keep doing what she wants. But I, for one, refuse to be a puppet. These wings take ME wherever I want to go!

Pit: Not if I take you down first!

Palutena: Use the terrain to your advantage. If you lose sight of Dark Pit, use the jump pads to gain some elevation.

(Pit defeats Dark Pit.)

Pit: I did it!

Dark Pit: This isn't over yet!


(Dark Pit slides back and falls to one knee.)

Dark Pit: I went easy on you this time.

(Dark Pit flies away.)

Pit: Wait!

Palutena: No, let him go.

(A pillar of light appears over Pit, lifting him off the ground.)

Palutena: He's in for a big fall, and we need to get back to stopping Medusa.

(Palutena whisks Pit away.)

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