Cherubot (ギガス Gigasu, "Gigas") is a vehicle that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Cherubot is a tall, mech-like vehicle which becomes compact when inactive. It slides along the ground despite having two legs, and possesses a large halo behind its cockpit. Cherubot's left arm is a cannon used for ranged attacks, while its right arm is equipped with a large, red sphere for close-quarters combat.


Fueled by renewable goddess power,[1] Cherubot's strongest attribute is its melee attack. It possesses the ability to jump into the air by the push of a button, which is capable of damaging foes with shockwaves upon landing. To make up for its strength, its movements are sluggish, and its formidable size makes it impossible to fit into narrow passageways.

Idol Description


While it may look cool, the overwhelming destructive might in this combat armor of the gods is best left to seasoned warriors. Cherubot's compact form factor and self-propulsion make it easy to deploy into battle, if at limited mobility.



  • Cherubot draws its English name from the words "cherub" and "robot."
    • In addition, its Japanese name, Gigas, is likely derived from the Giants of Greek mythology, as the katakana for its name (ギガス Gigasu) is nearly identical to that of the mythological figures (ギガース Gigāsu).


  1. Chapter 12, Land Battle
    Palutena: I brought a Cherubot for you.
    Viridi: I can't imagine that pile of metal is very fuel efficient.
    Palutena: Actually, it runs on goddess power, which is totally renewable.
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