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The Decimated Town (三年後の街 San-nen-go no Machi, "Town of Three Years") is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 18, it is a war-torn town located on the Overworld.


Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos

After Pit spends three years imprisoned in the Ring of Chaos, a young Girl stumbles across the ring on the ground and picks it up, giving Pit control over her body. As Pit uses the Girl's body to get a bearing on his surroundings, he notices a destroyed town off in the distance and decides to investigate. However, on his way to the town, the Girl accidentally trips and drops the ring, which is then picked up by a wandering Dog. Having taken control over the Dog's body, Pit runs the rest of the way to the Decimated Town, where he notices his own body attacking the residents below.

He continues to maneuver through the wreckage until he spots Magnus, who he sees fighting off a group of Centurions. In an attempt to grab his attention, Pit hops onto Magnus's back and shoves the Ring of Chaos into his face until he finally takes it. However, Magnus throws it behind him and goes to walk away, but seems to have a change of heart when he suddenly goes back, picks the ring up, and puts it on after all.

Now having control over Magnus's body, Pit continues through the Decimated Town, conversing with Magnus about the state of humanity during the three years Pit was absent. Fighting both members of Palutena's Army and Underworld troops along the way, the two agree to take down Pit's Body in order to free Pit from the Ring of Chaos.

When Magnus and Pit finally arrive on a large platform, Pit's Body lands and engages them in battle. After his defeat, Magnus takes Pit's unconscious body and places the ring on his finger, causing the ring to break and giving Pit control over his own body once again. Pit then thanks Magnus and, upon being granted the Power of Flight by Viridi, parts ways with him.

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Decimated Town

In the three years that Pit is imprisoned in the Ring of Chaos, this once-thriving town becomes a shadow of its former self. Until Pit's return, the stalemate between Viridi, the Underworld, and Palutena prevents all-out war.


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