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Dyntos's Workshop



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 24)



Dyntos's Workshop is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 24, it is home to Dyntos and his various creations.

Physical Appearance

The exterior of the workshop is a large, semi-transparent, silver sphere with ornate decal and a small entrance on one side. Through the entrance is a long hall, which appears more broken apart as Pit progresses. At the end of the hall is nothing but a night sky, which eventually leads to a large platform and colorful, crystal-like pillars. In front of the platform is a tall pedestal where Dyntos sits, and in the middle is a circular elevator which escorts Pit to a higher level. This level contains multiple staircases, small platforms, a Zodiac Chamber, and boss chambers.


Chapter 24: The Three Trials

With the Three Sacred Treasures destroyed by Hades, Palutena sends Pit out to ask Dyntos for his help. On his way to Dyntos's Workshop, Pit encounters an odd mix of enemies he previously faced, such as the Forces of Nature and the Aurum. They then meet Dyntos, who agrees to lend Pit and Palutena a hand, but only if Pit can pass the three trials he has prepared first.

Pit enters the workshop and flies through a long hall, where Dyntos continues to send replicas of enemies to slow his progress. The hall appears more and more broken apart until finally, Pit finds himself in a seemingly endless night sky. There, Pit is attacked by large, animated versions of the First Blade, Tiger Claws, and Palutena Bow. Afterward, a platform comes into view, allowing Pit to land.

The center of the platform lifts Pit to a higher level, where he runs across multiple staircases and into chambers. The chambers transport him to replicated bosses he previously fought, such as the Phoenix, Cragalanche, and the Kraken. After the Kraken has been defeated, Dyntos teleports Pit into a room where he must defeat Magnus and Gaol, and a fake version of Palutena.

Once the other bosses have been dealt with, Pit is teleported to another room where Dyntos shows him the Great Sacred Treasure. However, the treasure suddenly attacks Pit, serving as his final trial. After its defeat, Pit begins piloting the Great Sacred Treasure, flying around in it recklessly as Palutena and Dyntos talk amongst themselves. Pit then crashes the Great Sacred Treasure into the ground, prompting Palutena to teleport him away.

Idol Description

Dyntos's Workshop

The stronghold and workshop of Dyntos, the god of the forge. A variety of items are produced here, from weapons to vehicles. It's divided into red, green, and blue areas that can be reconfigured to meet a variety of needs.


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