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Electro Trap



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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 21)

The Electro Trap is an object that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 21, it is a trap that was used to thwart the Chaos Kin's escape.


Chapter 21: The Chaos Vortex

After the Chaos Kin steals Palutena's soul, Pit and Dark Pit pursue it into the Chaos Vortex. Pit catches up to it and shoots it down to a large platform, where the Chaos Kin hides and summons several waves of enemies in an attempt to slow Pit and Dark Pit down.

Once all thirteen waves have been dealt with, the Chaos Kin comes out of hiding and engages Pit and Dark Pit in battle. Viridi informs Pit that she set up an Electro Trap in the center of the platform, which will temporarily keep the Chaos Kin in place should it come into contact with it. After a tedious battle, Pit and Dark Pit defeat the Chaos Kin and return Palutena's soul to her body.

Idol Description

Electro Trap

Viridi based this device on an earlier model Phosphora developed in her Thunder Cloud Temple. It traps the Chaos Kin, thereby preventing it from escaping battle. Unfortunately, the Chaos Kin is the only enemy it works against.


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