556px-Erinus image.png
Affiliation Underworld Mini Icon.png Underworld Army
Appearances Kid Icarus
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Attack(s) Splits in half when attacked
Top half charges at foes and uses a spin attack
Bottom half kicks foes
Weakpoint(s) Not specified

Erinus is a cloaked, one-eyed monster encountered in the Palace in the Sky and attacks all who enter. Erinus will continue to attack Pit even after being blasted apart by his Bow's Arrow of Light by having the remaining parts dash at the angel. He's tenacious enough to keep re-appearing until shot to pieces.


Erinus is a mysterious creature, as the cloak obscures most physical traits other than a monocular eye, fangs, and claws.


Kid Icarus

It will not forgive those who have entered the Palace in the Sky. It is said that no one has seen it and lived to tell the tale."

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
1 (body, and each part) 1 (physical), 4 (fireball) 1 (parts only) 500 (body, and each part)

Kid Icarus: Uprising

In this game, Erinus splits in two after taking a certain amount of damage. Then, Pit must battle its cloaked upper half, which charges at Pit while twirling around, alongside its legs that are wearing boxers, which try to kick Pit. Humorously, it is revealed that the Erinus' lower half wears blue-striped boxer shorts underneath its robes when it splits apart.

Idol Description

An Erinus is an Underworld foe that prefers to attack in great numbers, though even when seeming to fight solo...it isn't. It's top and bottom halves can separate and fight independently, making it a diabolical duo!


  • The Erinyes were commonly called the Furies in Greek mythology, creatures of vengeance borne from blood that actually crossed many cultural boundaries, even showing up in the Inferno. They are often depicted as winged women.
  • In the manual for Kid Icarus 3D Classics, it reveals that Erinus is in fact the God of Revenge in Greek Mythology.

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