The Exo Tank as it appears in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The Exo Tank is a new vehicle introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising that Pit can drive, which is first seen in Chapter 5.


The Exo Tank appears to be a mixture of bronze and gold in coloration and is a chariot-like device that uses jet propulsion to transport the operator. It also has a pair of glowing, green wheels and a single gem on the front. The most notable features are the three, large stag-like blades in front of the vehicle. These blades allow the Exo Tank to ram into enemies and can also fire powerful ammunition to destroy enemies at a distant.


Idol Description

The Exo Tank is a vehicle of the gods whose powerful drift ability makes travel a chinch. It even has a boost feature that increases the user's speed and jumps. And while it can fire shots, its most valuable offensive asset is its ramming horn.


  • Judging by the Exo Tank's design, it is likely to have been inspired by a male stag or rhinoceros beetle.
  • The Exo Tank was likely based off of the legendary machine Hydra from Kirby Air Ride, as both games were developed by Masahiro Sakurai. Both vehicles specialize in ramming opponents.
  • There are two Exo Tanks in Chapter 10. One is on the top area leading to the stadium and the other is below the first ledge.
  • The Exo Tank seems to be the most used vehicle in the game compared with the others. In fact, it is the only vehicle that is required to get through certain places.
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