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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 12)


Fires singular shots
Launches three shots
Fires laser beams
Slashes at foes 1-3 times

Forces of Nature Guards (自然軍ガード兵 Shizen-gun Gādo-hei, "Natural Forces Guard Soldier") are Forces of Nature enemies that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Standing at about 8'9" (266 cm[1]), the Forces of Nature Guard is a large suit of animated, green armor with yellow accents. It has spikes on its head, shoulders, and abdomen, and possesses blue engravings on its chest and staff-like arm.

While it seems to possess a pair of glowing blue eyes within its helmet, its true eye appears to be the yellow orb on its stomach, as the pupil shifts around during battle.


Chapter 12: Wrath of the Reset Bomb

Pit travels deep inside the Reset Bomb Depot, where he encounters the Reset Bomb Pod. However, Viridi commands her guards to activate, which engage Pit in battle. Despite being assigned to protect the pod, the guards ultimately end up becoming its weakness, as dealing enough damage or knockback to a guard will cause it to fall into the chasm below, blowing the pod's shield off and leaving it vulnerable to Pit's attacks.

During battle, the Forces of Nature Guards appear in packs of four, where their main strategy is to shoot at their foes. They may do this by firing singular shots, three branching shots, or single laser beams. In addition, they may run up to their opponents and slash at them one to three times.

Idol Description

Forces of Nature Guard

Robots created to shield the Reset Bomb Pod from harm. They draw the energy for their attacks directly from the device they defend. Ironically, it's when Pit knocks the guards into the trenches that leads to the pod's destruction.




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