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Fortune Bow
Bow fortune
"The Fortune Bow was designed to be a well-balanced version of this weapon."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Bow Mini Icon Bow
Range Strength
Strongest Attack

The Fortune Bow (新弓フォーチュン Shinkyuu Foochun, literally meaning "God Bow: Fortune") fires small, fast homing shots that increase in power over long distances. It is the basic model for Bows and is very balanced.

Idol Description

Bows first fast homing shots, making them well suited to medium- and long-range attacks. Their shots are small, slightly increasing in damage over long ranges. The Fortune Bow was designed to be a well-balanced version of this weapon.


Max Shot Distances

Standing Continuous: 40.0

Standing Charged: 49.0

Forward Dash Continuous: 38.0

Forward Dash Charged: 54.0

Side Dash Continuous: 38.0

Side Dash Charged: 52.0

Backward Dash Continuous: 38.0

Backward Dash Charged: 54.0

Base Melee Damage

Combo Strike 1: 14.0

Combo Strike 2: 8.0

Combo Strike 3: 14.0

Dash Strike: 6.0 + 6.0 + 6.0 + 6.0 + 6.0 + 6.0 + 10.0

Ranged Damage Ratio

Standing Continuous:

Max: 6.5 per round Min: 4.9 per round

Standing Charged:

Max: 25.3 Min: 19.0

Forward Dash Continuous:

Max: 28.8 Min: 22.4

Forward Dash Charged:

Max: 51.9 Min: 40.0

Side Dash Continuous:

Max: 25.3 Min: 19.0

Side Dash Charged:

Max: 42.5 Min: 32.0

Backward Dash Continuous:

Max: 26.3 Min: 19.6

Backward Dash Charged:

Max: 45.2 Min: 32.8

Note: All data are from the basic weapon valued of 100.

Weapon Fusion

  • (Weapon 1) x (Weapon 2)


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