200px-Sea of galaxies

Pit encountering a Belunka in the Galactic Sea

The Galactic Sea is a celestial location within the heavens above Angel Land. As its name suggests, much of this area consists of a vast interstellar ocean where constellations are born and held in place. The mystical Galactic Sea embodies the perception of ancient cultures that stars and constellations were symbols of heavenly beings and great powers from above. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, it serves as the location where the Three Sacred Treasures were apparently stored away within a constellation, likely sometime after the events of the original Kid Icarus. Numerous other constellations litter the night skies of the heavens, all of which are held together by physical strings of light. Like Angel Land, the Galactic Sea also has its fair share of bizarre inhabitants, including the dreadful Space Pirates that pilot their ship across the starry ocean. These notorious thieves are often responsible for the disappearance of constellations due to their power and incredible value. Also, deadly Space Krakens are apparently a notable threat to anything smaller than the beasts themselves, including the aforementioned Space Pirates.

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