Affiliation Underworld Mini Icon.png Underworld
Appearances Kid Icarus: Uprising
Attack(s) Throws its boomerang at foes
Weakpoint(s) Face (without boomerang)

Gloomerangs (スルーム Suruumu) are new enemies introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are ghastly creatures that wear crescent-shaped blades over their faces. They can throw these blades like a boomerang, leaving their heads vulnerable to attack until the blades return.


The Gloomerang is one of the Underworld's oddest-looking creatures, resembling a green, disembodied hand with only four fingers. Each of these fingers has a red fingernail, almost giving it a strangely feminine appearance. At the top of this hand is a large, hairy face with two glowing eyes and a pair of moth-like antennae. Despite the Gloomerang's obscure physical appearance, its most notable feature is the large mask that it wears over its face, which is embedded with a curving blade decorated with gemstones. Although it doesn't have arms, the creature can quickly swing its head around to spin and throw the mask like a slicing boomerang. In addition, the mask doubles as a protective shield against most attacks, meaning that the Gloomerang will leave itself extremely vulnerable until the blade is returned to its head. However, its small body is exposed even without him using his boomerang and can therefore be shot at even when it's wearing the mask. It is also possible to melee it while it has its mask on as well.

Idol Description

Gloomerangs wear masks, just as we do in our lives. But while our metaphorical masks hide emotions, the Gloomerangs' are giant boomerangs that shield them from damage. This defense is lost when they attack foes with their boomerangs.



  • The name of a Gloomerang comes from the combination of the words "gloom" and "boomerang," referring to its creepy appearance as well as its unique weapon.
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