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The God of Poverty hides out in Treasure Chambers, in wait until Pit destroys the Treasure Pot that he lays in. If discovered before all the pots are destroyed, he'll prevent Pit from finding more treasures, one way or another. However, if Pit should destroy all the pots before the one where the God of Pots is hiding, the God will instead leave behind a rare item, like a Water Barrel or Credit Card.


Kid Icarus

God of Poverty

This ghostly being first appears in Pit's original adventure. The God of Poverty will boot him out of the Treasure Chamber immediately upon being disturbed, unless he is hiding within the last remaining pot.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

The God of Poverty returns and operates in the same manner as before. Though he removes all remaining pots, Pit will be allowed to obtain the items he uncovered to that point.


  • The God of Poverty may have been loosely inspired by Penia, who was said to be a Greek deity or spirit that acted as a personification of poverty.
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