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His head and outer toes

The Great Reaper (ビッグ死神 Biggu Shinigami, "Big Reaper") is an elder Reaper that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Residing within the Reaper Fortress, he serves as the boss of Chapter 4.

Physical Appearance

The Great Reaper appears more threatening than his smaller kin, standing at a much greater height with glowing green eyes. Unlike the traditional Reaper, his skeletal feet are visible under his clothes, resembling large dinosaur claws.

He wears a purple, tattered cloak that ends in shadowy flames, and a fiery, green necklace adorned with skulls. He also dons a crown-like headpiece and wields an enormous scythe.


Chapter 4: The Reaper's Line of Sight

While searching for Pandora, Palutena discovers an unknown force hiding the Labyrinth of Deceit. In search of the force, Pit makes his way through the Reaper Fortress, where he finds a normal Reaper patrolling the boss room. However, the Reaper spots Pit and grows in size, revealing its true form as the Great Reaper.

After his defeat, the Great Reaper collapses and sinks into the floor, allowing Palutena to track down Pandora.

Battle Style

The Great Reaper only has two weak points: his head and outer toes; however, attacking the former does more damage than attacking the latter.

During the fight, the Great Reaper uses a wide variety of attacks which depend on where Pit is located. He will primarily attack with his scythe if Pit is higher up, or he will try to stomp on him if he is at ground level.

If he hits Pit with a death ray shot from his eyes, he can summon Reapettes like an average Reaper, only he will summon four Reapettes instead of the usual two.

Min Health Max Health
452 2825

Trophy Information

The Great Reaper stands guard within the Reaper Fortress. One swing of his scythe will send a shiver down anyone's spine. If his piercing, red laser vision strikes Pit, expect a wave of Reapettes to arrive! When he takes enough damage and hunches over, aim for the golden light on his head!

Idol Description

Great Reaper

An elder Reaper who has grown enormous feasting on the souls in the Reaper fortress. Despite his mighty stature, the Great Reaper will sometimes use magic to shrink himself and enjoy a relaxing stroll through his execrable death castle.


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