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The Guardian Orbitars (衛星ガーディアンズ Eisei Gādianzu, "Guardian Satellites") are orbitars that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Appearing as red shields with gold accents, the Guardian Orbitars are a pair of weapons that float to either side of the user.


While the Guardian Orbitars' charged shots exclusively act as attacks in Solo Mode, they possess the additional ability to block enemy fire in Together Mode.


Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Guardian Orbitars are weapons the player can use in-game, which can be obtained as loot, through fusion, or by completing a challenge in Viridi's Treasure Hunt that requires the player to narrowly avoid a total of 25 shots in Air Battles.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U

Appearing as both Pit and Dark Pit's Down Specials, the Guardian Orbitars act as shields that reflect incoming projectiles and block attacks.


Air Battle

Range Damage Hits
Continuous fire 96.6m 22
Charged shot 22m 26.4 8
Melee combo Strike 1: 58.8
Strike 2: 29.4
Strike 3: 58.8
Strike 4: —
Strike 5: —
Note: data was taken from a weapon with a base value of 100.

Land Battle

Range Min Damage Max Damage1 Hits
Continuous fire 34.5m Standing: 6 Standing: 6 4
43.7m Forward-dash: 15.2 Forward-dash: 15.2 2
42.6m Side-dash: 8 Side-dash: 8 4
27.6m Backward-dash: 4.4 Backward-dash: 6.6 6
Charged shot 3.8m Standing:

1st hit: 12.5
2nd hit: 10.9
3rd hit: 9.3
4th hit: 7.7
5th hit: 6.1
6th hit: 4.4
7th hit: 2.8


1st hit: 13
2nd hit: 11.4
3rd hit: 9.8
4th hit: 8.1
5th hit: 6.5
6th hit: 4.9
7th hit: 3.3

12m Forward-dash:

1st hit: 17.1
2nd hit: 15.1
3rd hit: 13.1
4th hit: 11
5th hit: 9
6th hit: 6.9
7th hit: 4.9


1st hit: 17.7
2nd hit: 15.7
3rd hit: 13.6
4th hit: 11.6
5th hit: 9.6
6th hit: 7.5
7th hit: 5.5

12m Side-dash:

1st hit: 14.3
2nd hit: 12.6
3rd hit: 10.9
4th hit: 9.2
5th hit: 7.5
6th hit: 5.8
7th hit: 4.1


1st hit: 14.8
2nd hit: 13.1
3rd hit: 11.4
4th hit: 9.7
5th hit: 8
6th hit: 6.3
7th hit: 4.6

8.1m Backward-dash:

1st hit: 18
2nd hit: 16.3
3rd hit: 14.6
4th hit: 12.8
5th hit: 11.1
6th hit: 9.4
7th hit: 7.7
8th hit: 5.9
9th hit: 4.2

Backward-dash: — 9
Melee combo Strike 1: 17.5
Strike 2: 8.8
Strike 3: 17.5
Strike 4: —
Strike 5: —
Melee dash: 50 1
Note: data was taken from a weapon with a base value of 100.
1: This weapon deals more damage at a distance (backward continuous) and close range (charged shots).

Idol Description

Guardian Orbitars

These orbitars specialize in defense, for their charged shot raises a shield that has a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. After throwing up this shield, users should switch to continuous fire as their main method of attack.

Trophy Description


Guardian Orbitars

Guardian Orbitars are more defensive in nature than other Orbitars. When you fire a charged shot, they will create a shield that protects you and your friends. It's a good thing these float in the air on their own—they're actually ridiculously heavy.

Weapon Fusion


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