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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 23)

Hades's Heart (ハデスの心臓 Hadesu no Shinzō, "Hades's Heart") is an antagonist that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

A creature that lives deep within Hades's body, Hades's Heart serves as the boss of Chapter 23.

Physical Appearance

Hades's Heart is a round, dark blue creature with two legs and no visible arms, instead possessing two tentacle-like appendages on its left side. Standing at around 13'10" (421 cm[1]), it has a single yellow eye near its center, which match the yellow dots that are speckled across its body.


Chapter 23: Lord of the Underworld

When Hades decides to consume Pit, the angel is sent into a dimension known as Hades's Belly. There he discovers that he cannot communicate with Palutena, causing Pit to desperately search for a way out. Traveling up through Hades's body, he eventually stumbles across Hades's Heart, which hops and runs off upon noticing him. After Pit chases it around the battlefield and defeats it, the heart creates a giant explosion that sends Pit flying. However, the explosion signals Pit's location to Dark Pit, who then rescues him using the Lightning Chariot.

Battle Style

Hades's Heart's main strategy is to run around wildly, using the many walls of the battlefield to allude Pit. Upon receiving a certain amount of damage, the heart will become surrounded by a red aura and storm through the stage, trampling over Pit in the process. During its rampage, it is extremely difficult to avoid and gains momentary invincibility, meaning the player should wait for it to calm down before striking again.

At random, Hades's Heart will produce a copy of itself which is identified by its yellow aura. The player must steer clear of the copy, as it will eventually explode with a blast radius that engulfs all halls that are directly connected to its location. Additionally, Hades's Heart will occasionally drop disk-shaped mines on the ground that gravitate toward Pit; however, they are relatively easy to avoid, as they are slow-moving with a small blast radius.

Idol Description

Hades's Heart

At least this is as close to a "heart" as someone like Hades could have. Clearly not made to pump blood, Hades's Heart moves and acts like it has a mind of its own, wildly running around its enemies and setting traps as it goes.



  1. (measured to the top of its body, excluding its arteries)

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