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Allows the user to purchase items and weapons




Hearts (ハート Hāto) act as currency throughout the Kid Icarus series, having been introduced in the original Kid Icarus.

They are commonly dropped by enemies upon defeat, and will vanish a few moments after appearing.


Kid Icarus

These appear when the enemy is defeated and can be used in exchanging for other items.

— Its Game Manual Description

With the exception of bosses, all enemies automatically drop varying amounts of hearts upon defeat. These can be traded in for goods at any store, while a very large amount of hearts is required to obtain stolen weapons at the black market. The size of the heart depends on the enemy defeated, and each possesses a different value:

Heartsprite Heart: Worth 1 heart.
Halfheartsprite Half Heart: Worth 5 hearts.
Bigheartsprite Big Heart: Worth 10 hearts.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

When defeated, an enemy turns into a heart. Collect these Hearts to swap for items in The Shop or The Black Market. Each Big Heart is worth 10 Hearts. Each Half Heart is worth 5 Hearts.

— Its Game Manual Description

Hearts function the same as they did in the original Kid Icarus, although enemies may instead drop Hammers or Water of Life goblets when defeated.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

As in the original Kid Icarus, hearts are dropped by all enemies when defeated and will give Pit points for collecting them. Similar to earlier titles, he can use these to purchase weapons from the Arms Altar in the game's menu. Hearts dropped by enemies are automatically collected, while ones found on the ground still have to be picked up manually.

Since these act as both currency and a mark of devotion to one's goddess, Pit can offer hearts to either Palutena or Viridi—however, this has no effect on gameplay.

Idol Description


This bonus appears after vanquishing enemies. Hearts function as both currency and a mark of devotion to Palutena. Although they aren't accepted everywhere in Skyworld, hearts possess considerable trade-in value.



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