Items are objects found throughout the Kid Icarus series and have a variety of affects on gameplay. Items existed prior to the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising, but Uprising increased the number dramatically. Items are split into four different types: Throwing, Status Affecting, Assisting, and Unlocking. Here is a list of each.

Throwing Items


The Grenade is an example of a Throwing Item.

These items are ones which are thrown and used to attack from a distance. They are often bombs.
Item Name Item Description
Grenade A simple bomb that explodes upon impact. Any enemies caught in the explosion are damaged.
X Bomb A bomb that explodes in an X shape over a large area when thrown. The small shots that emit off of it when it explodes can bounce of walls.
Bouncy Bomb A bomb that bounces randomly after hitting the floor or walls and only explodes when it hits an enemy.
Jump Bomb A bomb that sends the enemies into the air after it hits the floor. While the enemy is fixed in the air, the thrower can target them more easily.

Smart Bomb

A bomb with a large explosion radius and a long explosion duration. Anyone caught in the radius is repeatedly damaged.
Eggplant Bomb A bomb that turns whoever it hits into an eggplant so that they cannot attack.
Tempura Bomb A bomb that turns whoever it hits into a tempura so that they cannot attack, and that they will have dramatically decreased stamina. It doesn't last as long as the Eggplant Bomb.
Boom Spear A homing spear which causes heavy damage on one enemy before exploding.
Demon Vine A seed that grows into a large forest that damages and barricades enemies.
Cyclone A bomb that causes a tornado to emit from its center once thrown. It drags enemies into it and throws them into the air, dealing repeated damage. Once thrown to the ground, the enemies are spun around.
Poison Cloud

A bomb that creates an area of poisonous gas when it hits the floor. Any enemies that enter the poison cloud are poisoned.

Status Affecting Items


The Happy Trigger is an example of a Status Affecting Item.

These items will affect Pit or the player and will put them at an advantage.
Item Name Item Description
Poison Card Gives your weapon the ability to poison an enemy.
Flame Card Gives your weapon the ability to burn an enemy.
Freeze Card Gives your weapon the ability to freeze an enemy.
Stone Card Gives your weapon the ability to petrify an enemy.
Paralysis Card Gives your weapon the ability to paralyze an enemy.
Happy Trigger Shortens the time between charging up charged shots so that charged shots can be fired more frequently.
Dodge Token Causes you to auto-dodge enemy attacks.
Impact Amplifier Causes Pit's attacks to have a chance of knocking an enemy backward.
Power-Up Drop Grants the user the ability to reflect incoming shots and also grants complete invincibility, but for a short time.
Shrinky Bean Shrinks you and heightens your evasion of attacks.
Speed Boots Increases your speed for a short time.
Food An item that recovers some of your health. The amount recovered depends on the type of food.
Drink of the Gods A purple drink that restores all health, instantly recovers you from crisis mode, and heals all status ailments.
Recovery Orb An orb that recovers some of your health like food. It is only seen in Air Battles.
Water of Life (Chalice) Replenishes Pit's endurance by one measure.
Water of Life (Bottle) Replenishes Pit's endurance by one measure after an attack that would finish him. Similar to the Power Pisces Heal.
Angel's Feather Causes Pit to fly in the air if he falls of the stage so that he can recover.
Fire Arrow Increases the accuracy of shots.
Sacred Bow Makes Pit's shots fire further.
Mirror Shield Part of the Three Sacred Treasures. It shields Pit from Medusa's attacks and also shields Pit from anything to the left of him in Uprising.
Arrow of Light Arrows that shoot at a long distance. They also go through enemies in Kid Icarus.
Wings of Pegasus Wings that Pit needs to fly in Kid Icarus. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, Palutena controls his flight pattern so they are not needed.

Assisting Items


The Lightning of Judgment is an example of an Assisting Item.

These items can either be placed on the floor and will attack even after Pit has left them or will circle Pit and attack for him. They usually do the work for Pit so they do not have to be aimed or thrown, although often Pit will have to get close to the enemy in order for them to work.
Item Name Item Description
Centurion Assist An item that looks similar to a Centurion. It will shoot at enemies, dealing extra damage while also notifying you of nearby enemies. In Kid Icarus, they can be found petrified in fortresses.
Killer Eye An eye that shoots forward if an enemy is in front of it, damaging friends and foes alike. It can be destroyed by damage.
Medusa Head An item that looks like Medusa's head. It will petrify anyone it sees by shooting slow, dark purple homing shots at them, but it can also hurt you.
Spike Ball A spiky ball surrounds Pit, dealing damage and knocking back anyone who comes to close.
Icy Aura Inflicts freeze on anyone who comes too close to Pit.
Boom Rocket A small rocket is stealthily placed on the ground. It flies into the air before falling down to the ground creating an almighty explosion with a huge blast radius. The only downside is that it takes a long time to fall.
Atlas Foot Creates a cloud in the air in which a foot hides and stomps down on enemies underneath the cloud. The foot emits a shockwave when it stomps.
Lightning of Judgment Heavily damages any enemies in close range of the user, and it goes on for a long time.
Giant Maker Makes any enemy who stands on it larger and easier to hit. Also boosts the user's power. When placed, anyone can use it, even opponents.
Chomp Trap A trap that pulls whoever steps on it into the ground and constricts their movement. Damaged is dealt while underground.
Capture Circle A trap that prevents whoever steps on it from moving, similar to the Chomp Trap. The Capture Circle however does not deal damage, instead leaving the victim open to attack.
Jump Pad A spring that lets you jump a big height from it after it is placed. It can be picked up.
Back Shield A shield that completely blocks any attacks that would normally hit Pit in the back.
Protective Crystal Causes two crystals to circle Pit and do damage on any enemy who touches them.
Harp Temporarily causes all enemies on screen to be turned into hammers which will gently float downwards.



The Mallet is an example of an Unlocking Item.

These items will unlock something that Pit previously could not do. Sometimes they are integral.
Item Name Item Description
Key A key used to access a certain area in Chapter 3: The Heads of Hewdraw and again in Chapter 19: Palutena's Temple.
Check Sheet Allows Pit to see a map of the fortress.
Pencil Allows Pit to see where he has been inside a fortress.
Torch Allows Pit to see his current location on a map inside a fortress.
Mallet Allows Pit to break open Centurion statues and get Centurion assists for the boss battle.
Credit Card Allows Pit to buy an item from a shop even if he does not have enough hearts. There will be a debt however, and the hearts he earns will got to the Black Marketer until the debt is repaid.
Water Barrel Allows Pit to carry up to 8 Water of Life bottles when he would usually be limited to one.