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Labyrinth of Deceit



Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit
Into the Labyrinth
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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 5)

The Labyrinth of Deceit (トラップダンジョン Torappu Danjon, "Trap Dungeon") is a location in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

The Labyrinth of Deceit is comprised of polygonal shapes, most of which initially consist of grays, blues, and yellows. It possesses various illusions in the form of fake paths, transforming enemies, and vortexes leading to completely different scenery.

Deeper into the labyrinth, its colors mainly consist of blues, pinks, and purples. It has trap doors, moving walls, invisible paths, and practice courses for Exo Tanks.


Chapter 5: Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit

Initially hidden by the Great Reaper's force, the Labyrinth of Deceit resides inside a space pocket. Palutena sends Pit into the labyrinth in search of Medusa's commander Pandora, though the two quickly find themselves struggling to navigate through the various paths and illusions.

They eventually find land, where Pit proceeds to traverse by foot while telepathically communicating with Pandora. Palutena then explains to Pit that Pandora possesses an object known as the Mirror of Truth, which has the potential to replicate entire armies, and concludes that they must destroy it before she causes any further damage.

Pit rushes to Pandora's chamber, where the goddess engages him in a brief battle before unexpectedly handing over the mirror. Pit swiftly destroys it, though Dark Pit is accidentally created in the process, leading Pandora to think she now has a new comrade—however, Dark Pit immediately turns against her, deciding to team up with his lookalike instead.

Once the two defeat her, Dark Pit kicks Pit in the stomach for supposedly "ripping off his look." While Pit argues, Dark Pit leaps into Pandora's remains to absorb her powers, then flies out of the labyrinth, forcing Palutena and Pit to give chase.

Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle

In order to reach Medusa, Pit must travel through fake versions of locations from previous missions, including the Labyrinth of Deceit.

Idol Description

Labyrinth of Deceit

Ruled by Pandora, this confusing construct is where many Underworld soldiers are coming from. The Labyrinth of Deceit is hidden in a space pocket until the fall of the Great Reaper breaks its magic seal.



  • The Labyrinth of Deceit's polygonal layout may be a reference to the graphics of the original Star Fox.

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