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Lightning Chariot Base



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 19)


The Lightning Chariot Base is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 19, it is home to the Lightning Chariot and Chariot Master.


Chapter 19: The Lightning Chariot

In need of assistance to break through the force field surrounding Palutena's Temple, Viridi uses the Angel Cannon to launch Pit into the Lightning Chariot Base.

Pit then meets the Chariot Master and asks to borrow the Lightning Chariot, but the Chariot Master refuses. Having no choice but to seek him out at the top, Pit travels through the many floors of the Lightning Chariot Base, encountering traps and mazes along the way.

Once he reaches the top, the Chariot Master instructs Pit to grab Phos's reins, then begins racing with him on a race track in order for Pit to prove his worth. After his defeat, the Chariot Master deems Pit worthy of the Lightning Chariot, entrusting it to him before peacefully passing away.

Idol Description

Lightning Chariot Base

Home to the Lightning Chariot, this realm exists in silence at the sky's end. In addition to its colossal tower, the Lightning Chariot Base also features broad courses used by the Chariot Master to make practice runs.


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