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The following is a list of all 412 Idols available in Kid Icarus: Uprising, including their descriptions and how to obtain them.

Story Idols




How to Obtain


1pitidol Our hero and the captain of Palutena's personal guard. Pit is a powerful warrior despite his youthful appearance. Wielding many new weapons and gifts from Palutena, Pit is no longer limited to the bow of his past adventures. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


2palutenaidol The goddess of light and ruler of Skyworld. Palutena guides Pit through most of his journey, using her powers to help him protect the humans of the surface world from her archnemesis, Medusa, goddess of the Underworld. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Fiend's Cauldron

3fiendscauldronidol Dropping hearts into this pot raises the Intensity, making enemies stronger but also causing valuable weapons and items to appear. If you fail the level, you'll lose hearts, though you can choose to continue at a lower Intensity. Idol Toss, AR Card

Power of Flight

4powerofflightidol Palutena's divine power keeping Pit aloft during his air battles. Because Pit can't actually fly, Palutena controls the flight path and destination, ensuring he lands before the power's roughly five-minute time limit expires and Pit falls. Idol Toss, AR Card

Medusa, Queen of the Underworld

5medusaidol The one-time Queen of the Underworld, exiled by Palutena long ago. Twenty-five years ago, Pit defeated her once and for all...or so it seemed. Now resurrected and thirsty for revenge, Medusa leads an army far more powerful than before. Idol Toss, AR Card

Twinbellows the Ferocious

6twinbellowsidol A two-headed dog (hence the name) that guards the Underworld. Medusa unleashes Twinbellows during an assault on a human city, using magic to supersize the bicephalous puppy. But, for Pit, the louder they bark, the harder they fall. Idol Toss, AR Card


7magnusidol The mightiest human swordsman of all time. With his massive blade and experience as a mercenary, Magnus is a powerful ally against the Underworld. But this hard exterior masks what seems to be the tragic loss of a child. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Dark Lord Gaol

8darklordgaolidol A general of the Underworld Army who leads thousands of infernal troops on a violent crusade against the surface world. Gaol's armor emits cursed magical energy that gives the dark lord the ability to float in midair and fire magic missiles. Idol Toss, AR Card


9gaolidol Brave Gaol had once been a spy for the surface world, tasked with assessing the strength of the Underworld Army. Sadly, she was captured and forced to don the cursed armor of a dark lord, making her little more than a slave to evil. Idol Toss, AR Card

Three-Headed Hewdraw

10hewdrawidol An enormous three-headed flying dragon. Each of Hewdraw's heads has its own personality, causing them to constantly bicker and argue. Lucky for them, the heads can survive if ever separated from their body. Idol Toss, AR Card

Hewdraw Head

11hewdrawheadidol After being severed from their shared body, Hewdraw's heads are free to go their own ways. One is dumber than the others, and Palutena is able to lure it with her pheromones, giving Pit a chance to slay it once and for all. Idol Toss, AR Card

Hewdraw Reborn

12hewdrawrebornidol Hewdraw's incredible regenerative ability allows its final head to regrow a new torso mere minutes after its decapitation. After resting by a lake to regain its strength, the beast later waits to take its revenge on Pit. Idol Toss, AR Card

Great Reaper

13greatreaperidol An elder Reaper who has grown enormous feasting on the souls in the Reaper fortress. Despite his mighty stature, the Great Reaper will sometimes use magic to shrink himself and enjoy a relaxing stroll through his execrable death castle. Idol Toss, AR Card

Goddess of Calamity, Pandora

14pandoraidol As the goddess of disaster and calamity, Pandora builds the Labyrinth of Deceit, where she's thought to be using the Mirror of Truth to create Underworld troops. Though she sounds jaded, it's just an act, for she delights in trickery. Idol Toss, AR Card

Mirror of Truth

15mirroroftruthidol Said to reveal the truth, this mirror is also thought to be used by Pandora to transform souls into Underworld monsters. Pit destroys it with a kick, accidentally bringing about the creation of Dark Pit in the process. Idol Toss, AR Card

Dark Pit

16darkpitidol A flawed clone of Pit created by the Mirror of Truth. He has most of Pit's strengths, and he can even fly with Pandora's powers. While he sees Pit as a rival, the two share a strange, inherent connection. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


17poseidonidol The god of the sea. A silent observer of the invasions of the surface world, Poseidon grows annoyed with the Underworld's antics and grants a request to aid Palutena by opening the way to Thanatos's Seafloor Palace. Idol Toss, AR Card

God of Death, Thanatos

18thanatosidol The god of death. Bored with his 9-to-5 guiding the souls of the living to their final resting place, Thanatos turns his work over to the Reapers and leisurely passes his days in a palace deep beneath the ocean. Idol Toss, AR Card

Thanatos (Transformations 1)

19thanatostransformations1idol A talented shape-shifter, Thanatos takes various forms to fight. As a sword, the god of death is quick to stab, creating openings with his many points. When he transforms into a foot, a crushing stomp is sure to follow. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Thanatos (Transformations 2)

20thanatostransformations2idol Thanatos's alternate forms give him dozens of unique attacks. Whether an urn, a bat, or a nesting doll, Thanatos's wild transformations are only to be underestimated by fools with a death wish. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Underworld Key

21underworldkeyidol Held by Thanatos, this jewel unlocks the entrance to the Underworld. Although the Underworld and Overworld seem close, they are quite difficult to cross between. If free passage were allowed, there would be no telling the living from the dead. Idol Toss, AR Card

Space Pirate Captain

22spacepiratecaptainidol The leader of the Space Pirates. Although weaker than his shipmates, the Captain—his true name impossible for human tongues to pronounce—somehow managed to take charge through sheer bossiness. Thus, he's not very popular. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Galactic Fiend Kraken

23galacticfiendkrakenidol A hulking leviathan making its home in the Galactic Sea. People, monsters, and even starships are no match for the Kraken's gaping maw. The scent of Pit's battle with the Space Pirates piques the monster's hunger, endangering everyone. Idol Toss, AR Card

Three Sacred Treasures Case

24threesacredtreasurescaseidol In Pit's first adventure, the Three Sacred Treasures were divided among Hewdraw, Twinbellows, and Pandora, hidden in their fortresses to rob Palutena of her powers. Yet despite years of conflict, their container has held up surprisingly well. Idol Toss, AR Card

Three Sacred Treasures

25threesacredtreasuresidol The Arrow of Light, Wings of Pegasus, and Mirror Shield Pit used to defeat Medusa 25 years ago. While Pit needs them for his "first" run through Chapter 9, you can later choose to not equip them by tapping the icon on the chapter banner. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Underworld Gatekeeper

26underworldgatekeeperidol A magical construct designed to defend the Underworld Castle. While the guardian has powerful defenses, Dark Pit easily brings the colossus down by delivering a kick to the concentration of artificial nerve endings on its side. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Medusa (Battle)

27medusabattleidol The only comfort throughout Medusa's quarter century in exile was the thought of bloody retribution against Pit and Palutena. Now, facing the angel after all these years, Medusa's wrath is only matched by her fervor for revenge. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Medusa (Monster)

28medusamonsteridol Long ago, Palutena cursed Medusa with this hideous form. Unable to face the monstrosity she had become, Medusa used her magic to maintain a mask of beauty—a facade that falls when she's forced to put all her strength into defeating Pit. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


29hadesidol The true master of the Underworld. He is immeasurably strong—even among the divine pantheon—but prefers to rule from the shadows, forcing Medusa to do his dirty work. Yet even with all this evil, Hades still manages to act nonchalant. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

The Immortal Phoenix

30theimmortalphoenixidol A fiery bird born of magma that roosts within a volcano. The Phoenix vigilantly guards the Wish Seed, an object said to grant its owner's any desire. Only when the Phoenix falls can the Wish Seed be taken. Idol Toss, AR Card

Wish Seed

31wishseedidol If the Wish Seed had one wish, it would be to actually have the power to grant wishes. But unaware it's a fake, humans and gods alike blindly seek to possess the Wish Seed, even facing off against its defender, the Phoenix. Idol Toss, AR Card

Reset Bomb

32resetbombidol Bombs used by Viridi to restore the natural order. The explosion of a Reset Bomb triggers a flood of brambles that in turn become a potent fertilizer. The land around the impact soon becomes a dense jungle, uninhabitable by humans. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


33viridiidol The goddess of nature. Viridi wants to exterminate the humans on the surface world, believing they have corrupted the natural order. Yet she also opposes the destruction and blind harvesting of souls committed by the Underworld Army. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


34cragalancheidol A commanding officer in the Forces of Nature. Once a mere boulder with a soul, Cragalanche spent years developing a will of his own. Fiercely loyal to Viridi, he strikes at the front lines of battle like a meteor. Idol Toss, AR Card

Reset Bomb Pod

35resetbombpodidol The pod powering the Reset Bomb Depot. It creates the vast amount of energy needed to manufacture Reset Bombs and keep the armory operational. This makes the pod Pit's central target in the facility's destruction. Idol Toss, AR Card

Forces of Nature Guard

36forcesofnatureguardidol Robots created to shield the Reset Bomb Pod from harm. They draw the energy for their attacks directly from the device they defend. Ironically, it's when Pit knocks the guards into the trenches that leads to the pod's destruction. Idol Toss, AR Card

Lunar Sanctum Control Center

37lunarsanctumcontrolcenteridol One of the cores required to control the Lunar Sanctum. Destroying it would disable the sanctum's camouflage and other defenses. To prevent this, Arlon the Serene tricks Dark Pit into defending the core. Idol Toss, AR Card


38arlonidol Master of the Lunar Sanctum and a commanding officer of the Forces of Nature. Arlon styles himself as a reticent butler, discreetly working from the shadows to serve his goddess, Viridi. Idol Toss, AR Card


39phosphoraidol A beautiful and powerful electricity-based warrior in the Forces of Nature. While victorious in her battle with Thanatos, the wounds Phosphora receives make her weak in the fight with Pit that follows. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card




How to Obtain


40pyrrhonidol The self-proclaimed "Sun God" who is investigating—and entranced by—the wondrous and alien Aurum. Pyrrhon's massive ego seems inversely proportional to his intelligence, making his boasts of divine lineage a bit hard to swallow. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Core

41aurumcoreidol An artifact that controls one of the many floating islands in the Aurum. While destroying an Aurum Core will take down a group of islands, the sheer number of them makes targeting these weak points unlikely to affect the Aurum offensive. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Battleship

42aurumbattleshipidol The Aurum adjust their battleships to fit the scale of their enemies—the larger the planet to be conquered, the larger the ship to be produced. Thus, to take on Skyworld, the Aurum have created this massive, devastatingly powerful ship. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Cruiser

43aurumcruiseridol Though referred to as a cruiser, this entity may not consider itself such a ship in Aurum terms, if indeed the Aurum consider it a ship at all! It can cruise through space and above planetary surfaces, however. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Aurum Destroyer

44aurumdestroyeridol This vessel supports Aurum Battleships with additional assault strength. Its massive homing cannons are designed for large targets such as asteroids. Smaller foes such as Pit are better handled by regular Aurum troops. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Aircraft Carrier

45aurumaircraftcarrieridol This Aurum ship is similar to a normal aircraft carrier, but instead of fighter planes, it stores, resupplies, and revives combat units. Although, with the Aurum's mysterious technology, "repair" might be a more appropriate term than "revive." Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Generator

46aurumgeneratoridol The fearsome energy source of the Aurum Hive. This reactor is capable of outputting power for nearly an eternity. It's so well secured that no intruder ever reached it, until Pit's assault on the Aurum. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Brain

47aurumbrainidol The central cortex controlling the entire Aurum legion. The Aurum Brain has no will of its own, only living to give an endless stream of orders to the forces acting as its swords and shields in the fight to protect the Aurum. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Aurum Pyrrhon

48aurumpyrrhonidol After Pyrrhon tries to take over the Aurum Brain and control its vast army, the Aurum Brain wins the battle of minds and absorbs him, destroying his free will and using him as another weapon in its arsenal. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Ring of Chaos

49ringofchaosidol The Chaos Kin uses the Ring of Chaos to capture Pit's soul. But while the cursed runes on its surface prevent Pit's escape, he is able to use sheer willpower to gain control of anyone who wears the ring. Idol Toss, AR Card


50girlidol A young girl who lives in a city under attack by Palutena's army. She inadvertently helps Pit when she puts on the Ring of Chaos—an act that helps Pit rediscover his real body and bring salvation to the city. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


51dogidol A stray dog roaming the city. Clever and affectionate, the dog had many human friends, each one giving him a different name. The Ring of Chaos passes from a girl to the dog before finally ending up in Magnus's hands. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Pit's Body

52pitsbodyidol The Chaos Kin takes advantage of Pit's weakened state after his battle with the Aurum to seal his soul in a ring. Without a spirit to guide it, Pit's body is at the whim of the Chaos Kin, mindlessly rampaging for three years. Idol Toss, AR Card

Lightning Chariot

53lightningchariotidol One of the Chariot Master's most prized possessions, the Lightning Chariot blazes through the heavens at the slightest pull of its unicorns' reins. Its extreme speed is matched only by the destructive shots fired from the unicorns' horns. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Chariot Master

54chariotmasteridol Master of the Lightning Chariot. Long ago, he fought in wars of the gods. His body may be ruined, but by walking the soldier's path in death, the master's soul still burns. He fights Pit to determine if the angel is worthy of the chariot. Idol Toss, AR Card

Chaos Kin

55chaoskinidol An evil being whose strange power may even surpass that of the gods. It is mindless, only possessing the desire to cause disorder and disaster. Long sealed in the Lunar Sanctum, the Chaos Kin is suddenly free to spread anarchy. Idol Toss, AR Card

Chaos Kin and Palutena

56chaoskinandpalutenaidol The Chaos Kin binds Palutena to its will, manipulating her form like a foul puppet. By doing so, the Chaos Kin simultaneously shields itself and forces Pit to attack the very goddess he serves. Idol Toss, AR Card

Petrified Palutena

57petrifiedpalutenaidol After Pit defeats the possessed Palutena, the Chaos Kin is unable to escape with the goddess. She turns her body to stone at the last moment, so the Chaos Kin can flee into the Chaos Vortex with only her soul. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Electro Trap

58electrotrapidol Viridi based this device on an earlier model Phosphora developed in her Thunder Cloud Temple. It traps the Chaos Kin, thereby preventing it from escaping battle. Unfortunately, the Chaos Kin is the only enemy it works against. Idol Toss, AR Card

Chaos Kin (Ash)

59chaoskinashidol The Chaos Kin's unfathomable magic allows it to survive even being burned to ash. In this state, only possessing Dark Pit could restore it to its full power. But Pit's selfless rescue banishes the evil creature into the Chaos Vortex. Idol Toss, AR Card

Soul-Eating Monster

60souleatingmonsteridol A monster that has long lurked in the City of Souls. Its diet consists of souls, which it swallows like a whale feeding on plankton. Yet with its sawlike teeth, the Soul-Eating Monster can chew through more...substantial meals as well. Idol Toss, AR Card

Amazon Pandora

61amazonpandoraidol Pandora's original form. Beautiful yet mighty, she was one of the best warriors in the Underworld. Yet a blunder cost the goddess her body, forcing Pandora to take the form of a pure manifestation of her will. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Hades's Heart

62hadesheartidol At least this is as close to a "heart" as someone like Hades could have. Clearly not made to pump blood, Hades's Heart moves and acts like it has a mind of its own, wildly running around its enemies and setting traps as it goes. Idol Toss, AR Card


63dyntosidol The god and keeper of the forge. He is the creator of not only the Three Sacred Treasures but all sacred armaments. Cunning and highly creative, Dyntos is said to be one of the few real forces in the divine pantheon. Idol Toss, AR Card


64pseudopalutenaidol A twisted version of Palutena created by Dyntos as a joke. During the appearance of Pseudo-Palutena, Dyntos put the real goddess to sleep miles away. This amazing feat is evidence that Dyntos's power exceeds even that of Hades. Idol Toss, AR Card

Great Sacred Treasure

65greatsacredtreasureidol The Great Sacred Treasure was designed by Dyntos to be the ultimate weapon. Used in the final battle against Hades, the weapon is huge and incredibly powerful, yet can stop on a dime and change its form to adapt to damage. Idol Toss, AR Card

Hades (Battle)

66hadesbattleidol Hades, prepared for the final battle. Covered with missiles, his body is quite literally a weapon of mass destruction. Only Hades's selfish protection of the Underworld's bottom line keeps him from going all out on Pit. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Great Sacred Treasure (Pursuit)

67greatsacredtreasurepursuitidol As Hades rushes to the surface world to refuel on souls, the Great Sacred Treasure jettisons its heaviest parts and enters the high-speed Pursuit Mode. Equipped with a gatling turret, its guns can fire both bullets and ring lasers. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Great Sacred Treasure (Mech Armor)

68greatsacredtreasuremecharmoridol Shedding even more parts from Pursuit Mode, the Great Sacred Treasure takes a humanoid form. This versatile mode doesn't require any specialized controls; it actually moves as if it were an extension of the user's own body! Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Hades (New Legs)

69hadesnewlegsidol After being cut in half by the Great Sacred Treasure, Hades heads to the surface world to regenerate his legs. Because this trick uses an immense number of souls, the usually invincible Hades suffers damage in the process. Idol Toss, AR Card

Great Sacred Treasure (Ultralight)

70greatsacredtreasureultralightidol The Great Sacred Treasure abandons all but its most necessary parts to enter this super-mobile mode. While it can keep up with Hades, the god of the Underworld destroys it with a single clap, leaving only its cannon behind. Idol Toss, AR Card

Medusa vs. Hades

71medusavshadesidol Spoiler alert: Medusa saves the day! Medusa's surviving spirit stops Hades before he can deliver the finishing blow to Pit. In her weakened state, she can't hold him off forever, but the goddess gets an A for vindictive tenacity. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Hades (Final)

72hadesfinalidol Mere moments after having his head crushed by Medusa, Hades returns with a new, fresh complexion. While he attacks Pit with a renewed ferocity, it still isn't enough to withstand the assault of the Great Sacred Treasure. Idol Toss, AR Card

Final Strike

73finalstrikeidol When the Great Sacred Treasure is destroyed by Hades, the main cannon loses power, requiring Palutena to concentrate on using her divine power to restore its energy. Luckily, Viridi steps in to keep Pit flying! Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Vehicle Idols




How to Obtain

Exo Tank

74exotankidol The Exo Tank is a vehicle of the gods whose powerful drift ability makes travel a cinch. It even has a boost feature that increases the user's speed and jumps. And while it can fire shots, its most valuable offensive asset is its ramming horn. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aether Ring

75aetherringidol The Aether Ring is a vehicle of the gods that can move around freely. While the vehicle may look like a gyro-top to Pit, its heavenly status masks it from humans, who only see a useless pile of rocks. Idol Toss, AR Card


76cherubotidol While it may look cool, the overwhelming destructive might in this combat armor of the gods is best left to seasoned warriors. Cherubot's compact form factor and self-propulsion make it easy to deploy into battle, if at limited mobility. Idol Toss, AR Card

Fighter Idols




How to Obtain


77fighteridol Warriors who compete in the divine sports of Skyworld. They fight for no side but their own, and though not as formidable as Pit, they have skills that make them fierce in the field. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Light Fighter

78lightfighteridol Warriors fighting for the Light Team in the sport of the gods, Light vs. Dark. Light Fighters are clad in shining white armor, a sign of their elite status. Yet despite being on the Light Team, Light Fighters aren't always the nicest guys. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Dark Fighter

79darkfighteridol Warriors fighting for the Dark Team in the sport of the gods, Light vs. Dark. Dark Fighters wear dark-colored armor that is both light and strong. While fierce in battle, Dark Fighters are pretty sweet dudes to hang out with. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Weapon Idols




How to Obtain

First Blade

80firstbladeidol Entrusted to Pit, this blade is just one of a new breed of armaments that combine close-quarters combat with ranged proficiency. The First Blade is well balanced in usability and strength, making it the perfect beginner's weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Burst Blade

81burstbladeidol While the Burst Blade has lower attack power and has the shortest range of any blade, it also fires multiple bullets at once, giving it a wide attack. Its ranged attacks have a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. Idol Toss, AR Card

Viper Blade

82viperbladeidol A blade said to have been forged from the scales of a thousand venomous serpents. It's one of the few weapons that inflicts poison damage. Users of this blade should soothe its dark, nightly rattlings with gentle caresses. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Crusader Blade

83crusaderbladeidol NTSC: The horizontal stock crossing the barrel is packed with a substance that generates this weapon's wide-ranged shots. These shots have the strong potential for nullifying enemy fire, and the weapon's weight makes its melee attacks powerful.

PAL: The horizontal stock crossing the barrel is packed with a substance that generates this weapon's wide-ranged shots. These shots have strong potential for nullifying enemy fire, and the weapon's weight makes its melee attacks powerful.

Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Royal Blade

84royalbladeidol Once the heirloom of a royal house, this blade has since been worn by time and neglect. Its most powerful shots are those used during a backward dash, making the Royal Blade perfect for a hit-and-run strategy. Idol Toss, AR Card

Optical Blade

85opticalbladeidol Despite its lightness, the extreme heat this glow-in-the-dark blade generates has the ability to cut even through steel. It also has the longest range of any blade and has charged shots that grow in power slightly at long distances. Idol Toss, AR Card

Samurai Blade

86samuraibladeidol The Samurai Blade is a powerful copy of a legendary sword whose curved blade was devastating in close combat. While this blade improves quickness, it has weaker ranged shots and takes time to charge. Idol Toss, AR Card

Bullet Blade

87bulletbladeidol This old-school weapon uses magic to fire a hail of explosive steel bullets. The Bullet Blade doesn't have much in the way of homing ability or melee attacks, but its shots are just as strong over long distances as up close. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aquarius Blade

88aquariusbladeidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Aquarius. It uses extreme pressure to change water into an impossibly sharp edge. Its charged shot pushes enemies back as it damages them, and its melee attack can freeze foes. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Blade

89aurumbladeidol The Aurum mimic every aspect of the worlds they conquer, from creatures to vehicles to weapons. Dyntos crafted the Aurum Blade by reversing this process. It charges quickly and fires shots with a high homing ability. Idol Toss, AR Card

Palutena Blade

90palutenabladeidol The rare example of a weapon ordered by Palutena. While its charged shots have a strong potential of nullifying enemy fire and its continuous-fire dash shots travel fast, they aren't very strong. However, its dash shots have great range. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Gaol Blade

91gaolbladeidol A blade forged from the same cursed material as Dark Lord Gaol's armor. While it has the most powerful ranged attacks of any blade and its charged shot has a strong homing ability, these attacks move slowly. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Insight Staff

92insightstaffidol Staffs have long attack ranges with shots that generally get stronger the farther they travel. They're weak in melee combat, however. The Insight Staff is a well-balanced choice for learning this type of weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Orb Staff

93orbstaffidol The Orb Staff's jewel raises its melee power. Its shot strength doesn't vary much, making it effective at any range. And while these shots lack in damage, distance, and knock-back ability, their large size makes hitting foes a breeze. Idol Toss, AR Card

Rose Staff

94rosestaffidol The Rose Staff is the product of a desire to combine beauty and lethality. The brambles it fires have exceptional attack power but travel slowly. On the plus side, this weapon charges fast, compared to other staffs. Idol Toss, AR Card

Knuckle Staff

95knucklestaffidol The brutish Knuckle Staff sets itself apart from other staffs by excelling at melee attacks. While its shots still pack a punch, they lack range, lose power as they travel, and charge slowly—so make sure to aim carefully! Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Ancient Staff

96ancientstaffidol The Ancient Staff is a cold and mysterious weapon made by a dead civilization. Its charged shots hang in midair and can paralyze any enemies they strike. This makes the weapon a great fit for defensive play. Idol Toss, AR Card

Lancer Staff

97lancerstaffidol A staff modeled after an infamous spear said to have slain thousands. It charges quickly, and its shots, although slow moving, are most damaging at close range. Its melee attack is also better than most staffs. Idol Toss, AR Card

Flintlock Staff

98flintlockstaffidol This weapon excels at taking out foes from afar. Its shots increase in power as they fly at blinding speeds, making it a solid weapon for users with good aim. However, its melee attack is among the weakest of any weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Somewhat Staff

99somewhatstaffidol Not only is this weapon closer in form and function to a blade than a staff, but it's actually a living creature! Despite its mysterious nature, the Somewhat Staff still retains its weapon type's movement restrictions. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Scorpio Staff

100scorpiostaffidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Scorpio. Its high-speed shots often inject poison that does damage over time, with a duration and probability based on attack type. While it has a short firing range, it boosts its user's speed. Idol Toss, AR Card

Laser Staff

101laserstaffidol The firing range of the Laser Staff is among the longest of any weapon. While it's slow to charge, enemies don't react to the staff's continuous fire, allowing users to silently roast foes from a massively long distance! Idol Toss, AR Card

Dark Pit Staff

102darkpitstaffidol Staff used by Dark Pit when he hides in Chapter 6. The staff's charged shot does four times the damage at its longest range as it does up close. Continuous fire is also powerful but lacks size and range. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Thanatos Staff

103thanatosstaffidol Modeled after Thanatos, this staff features a magic scarf wrapped around a piece of bone. Its continuous fire produces a stream of bats, and its backward-dash charged shot conjures a giant skull that hovers in the air. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Tiger Claws

104tigerclawsidol Claws are melee-specialized weapons that fire talons. They improve speed more than any other weapon, useful since they tend to have a short attack range. With a balanced set of qualities, the Tiger Claws' usefulness in battle speaks for itself. Idol Toss, AR Card

Wolf Claws

105wolfclawsidol These wolf-themed claws set foes they strike on fire, dealing additional damage. Unfortunately, this flame ability limits the weapons' range. Their charged dash shot has a homing ability, something rare among claws. Idol Toss, AR Card

Bear Claws

106bearclawsidol These claws are like a bear's, with melee attacks among the most devastating of any weapon. Their ranged shots are strong but have a short reach. If you can get up close, your foes won't know what hit them. Idol Toss, AR Card

Brawler Claws

107brawlerclawsidol Not only do these claws grant faster movement than any other weapon, they make you look like the king of the ring! While their other attributes aren't as cool as their speed boost, you can't deny the coolness of two-fist punching action. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Stealth Claws

108stealthclawsidol Forged in darkness and wrapped in the bandages of mummies, these claws are nearly invisible, so the targets of its fast fire may find it hard to find out exactly who is shooting. The claws do have a lower melee power, however. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Hedgehog Claws

109hedgehogclawsidol Inspired by hedgehogs, these claws charge quickly and provide a large speed boost to users. While they lack homing ability and have a low attack power, their rapid fire shoots a ceaseless barrage of projectiles. Idol Toss, AR Card

Raptor Claws

110raptorclawsidol Claws that let wielders go all 65 million BC on enemies. They feature strong melee and ranged attacks, although they have a slow charge time. Wounds received from these claws are so brutal, they often refuse to heal. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Artillery Claws

111artilleryclawsidol These macho-looking claws aren't well suited to melee and have almost no homing ability. But where they shine is their shots that have a range comparable to blades, lose no power over distance, and move super fast. Idol Toss, AR Card

Cancer Claws

112cancerclawsidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Cancer. Their melee attack packs a mighty wallop, and their charged shots can temporarily hover near enemies. They also give users a speed boost during continuous-fire attacks. Idol Toss, AR Card

Beam Claws

113beamclawsidol The Beam Claws feature an extremely long attack range, comparable to that of bows. Their shots travel fast and don't lessen in strength over distance. However, they possess a weak homing ability and have a lower attack power. Idol Toss, AR Card

Viridi Claws

114viridiclawsidol Claws that are as beautiful and deadly as Viridi herself. Their shots feature a strong homing ability and can maintain continuous fire for long periods. Charged shots fired by the Viridi Claws paralyze foes one-third of the time. Idol Toss, AR Card

Pandora Claws

115pandoraclawsidol These claws are based on the spirit form of Pandora. Their backward-dash charged shot creates a barrier that offers good defense in Together mode. Their third melee strike can knock enemies into the air. Try using a backward-dash attack as foes fall. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Fortune Bow

116fortunebowidol Bows fire fast homing shots, making them well suited to medium- and long-range attacks. Their shots are small, slightly increasing in damage over long ranges. The Fortune Bow was designed to be a well-balanced version of this weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Silver Bow

117silverbowidol Prototype of a bow designed by Palutena, it's the only weapon of its type whose shot power is higher at close range. Also features a relatively high firing range and homing ability, making it a solid choice for skilled users. Idol Toss, AR Card

Meteor Bow

118meteorbowidol The shots fired by this weapon have the longest range of any bow. While its charged shots are large and travel fast, they don't have much homing ability or power. Compensate for this with its heavy homing continuous fire. Idol Toss, AR Card

Divine Bow

119divinebowidol A bow made from the wood of a sacred tree. Its fearsome energy is kept in check by the bow's many seals. Its charged shots have a strong potential of nullifying enemy fire. It also charges quickly and has a high homing ability. Idol Toss, AR Card

Darkness Bow

120darknessbowidol The Darkness Bow is shrouded in mystery. Its ranged attacks are powerful, and it even excels as a melee weapon. However, it comes up short in terms of homing ability and charge time. Idol Toss, AR Card

Crystal Bow

121crystalbowidol A bow carved from crystal taken from a forest near the home of the gods. It has high overall attack power, and fires fairly large projectiles. However, it has a short firing range, giving it a narrow sweet spot for attacks. Idol Toss, AR Card

Angel Bow

122angelbowidol Based on the god of love, the Angel Bow fires shots that relentlessly pursue their targets. However, they travel slowly and are not particularly powerful. Multiplayer opponents can easily dodge its shots when attacked head-on. Idol Toss, AR Card

Hawkeye Bow

123hawkeyebowidol Why get close to foes when you can snipe from afar? This bow's high-speed shots have a long range and have the strong potential to nullify incoming fire. However, its melee damage is weak, and it takes quite some time to charge. Idol Toss, AR Card

Sagittarius Bow

124sagittariusbowidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Sagittarius. Its shots can pierce through multiple opponents, making it a great choice when outnumbered. Though it takes a long time to charge, it makes up for it in high damage and shot speed. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Bow

125aurumbowidol A bow created using Aurum technology. Rare among bows, its continuous-fire dash attack unleashes a barrage of multiple shots. Though it has good range and great homing ability, its low attack power makes it better at a distance. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Palutena Bow

126palutenabowidol Painstakingly crafted by Palutena herself, this bow's shots gain speed the farther they travel. Though its standing shots are weak, its dash shots are mighty. So keep moving, and don't leave yourself open to counterattacks! Idol Toss, AR Card

Phosphora Bow

127phosphorabowidol A bow crafted from Phosphora's scarf. Its charged shots tend to hit enemies, even when fired aimlessly. Although it lacks in power, its shots have the ability to paralyze foes. As a bonus, those who use it are graced with lightning-quick speed. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Violet Palm

128violetpalmidol Palms are equipped on the wielder's arm like a tattoo, drawing upon the user's own vitality to fire a barrage of homing shots. The Violet Palm is an average example of this weapon type, with great rapid fire but basic range. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Burning Palm

129burningpalmidol Shots fired from the Burning Palm set enemies on fire, dealing extra damage. It has the strongest melee attack of any palm, although it features a long charge time and short firing range. And after the battle, it makes a mean BBQ. Idol Toss, AR Card

Needle Palm

130needlepalmidol This palm fires needles that burrow into targets. They travel fast but have little homing ability. There isn't much difference in range between charged shots and continuous fire, so no need to think too hard about gauging your distance. Idol Toss, AR Card

Midnight Palm

131midnightpalmidol The Midnight Palm is geared toward defense, with ranged attacks that have a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. It has powerful but slow shots. Its backward-dash charged shot crushes foes with a gigantic moon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Cursed Palm

132cursedpalmidol A nefarious palm imbued with foul magic. It fires powerful cursed shots that travel slowly and lose strength over time, yet still relentlessly pursue their targets. And the Cursed Palm's melee attack is devastating in its own right. Idol Toss, AR Card

Cutter Palm

133cutterpalmidol The Cutter Palm fires light rings that slice through foes. While powerful, it takes long to charge and its continuous fire lacks good homing. Despite these flaws, you can't go wrong with its homing backward-dash charged shot. Idol Toss, AR Card

Pudgy Palm

134pudgypalmidol This palm weapon shoots fancy, balloon-like shots. It has a short charge time and a strong overall homing ability. Its backward-dash charged shot can overwhelm almost any shot and is handy against enemy attacks in Together mode. Idol Toss, AR Card

Ninja Palm

135ninjapalmidol A weapon with the soul of a dark assassin. It has a short charge time, fires fast-moving shots, and boosts speed and agility. It even excels at melee attacks! On the other hand, it lacks in power, range, and homing. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Virgo Palm

136virgopalmidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Virgo. Features the longest firing range of any palm, and its shots grow in size as they travel. While lacking in power and homing ability, its backward-dash charged shot creates a useful defensive wall. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Palm

137aurumpalmidol Produced with Aurum technology, the Aurum Palm has almost no homing ability, making careful aim a must. Its high energy output means it charges fast, allowing users to fire off charged shots at a rate of one per second. Idol Toss, AR Card

Viridi Palm

138viridipalmidol Created by and requiring total devotion to Viridi, this palm excels at landing consecutive hits, with the damage it deals depending on where it strikes the target. Shooting from a distance will help improve its accuracy. Idol Toss, AR Card

Great Reaper Palm

139greatreaperpalmidol The Great Reaper Palm uses the power of the Great Reaper to summon Reapettes that hound targets. It takes a while to charge, but unique among weapons, its attacks have the power to halve the foe's maximum health. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card




How to Obtain

Ore Club

140oreclubidol Clubs are unique weapons ideal for dealing huge amounts of damage. Their gigantic long-range charged shots can even pass through walls! The Ore Club is fashioned from minerals that were mined on the mountain of the gods. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Babel Club

141babelclubidol Designed to look like the tower that incurred the wrath of the heavens, this club has the longest charge time of any weapon. Its charged shots kick up a violet storm that delivers consecutive strikes, so try to make sure all of them hit. Idol Toss, AR Card

Skyscraper Club

142skyscraperclubidol A club with a rather modern look. Its charged shots deal massive damage up close and decrease in power the farther they travel. The Skyscraper Club decreases the user's speed more than most clubs. Idol Toss, AR Card

Atlas Club

143atlasclubidol Unlike most clubs, the Atlas Club allows users to run quickly while using it. Its shots don't pass through obstacles, but its dash attacks travel fast with a high homing ability. A club that handles more like other weapon types. Idol Toss, AR Card

Earthmaul Club

144earthmaulclubidol The Earthmaul Club has a longer reach than any other weapon, its charged shot traveling up to 126 m. This is roughly three times the range of the First Blade. Its backward-dash charged shot reflects off walls. Idol Toss, AR Card

Ogre Club

145ogreclubidol The club used by Dark Pit in his battle with Pit beneath the temple in Chapter 6. Though its charged shots are slow and easily dodged, this superbrutal club has the most powerful melee attack of any weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Halo Club

146haloclubidol This lightweight club shoots halos for its ammunition. Unlike other clubs, the Halo Club's charged shots can paralyze opponents. However, it has a low attack power and is particularly ill suited for melee attacks. Idol Toss, AR Card

Black Club

147blackclubidol While the mysterious Black Club's attack power and homing ability are high, its charge time and shot speed are slow. And not only do its charged shots cancel out enemy fire, they look really cool doing it too! Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Capricorn Club

148capricornclubidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Capricorn. Its spiraling charged shots lack range, do less damage as they travel, and don't cancel out other shots. However, these shots do move fast and have a superfast charge time. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Club

149aurumclubidol This club has charged shots that have limited range and lack homing but are large, making it harder for targets to avoid them. It can also shoot through obstacles, and its shots have a strong potential for nullifying incoming fire. Idol Toss, AR Card

Hewdraw Club

150hewdrawclubidol This club fires blade blasts and flame breath like the beast himself. Its charged shots have an extremely long range and high homing ability but are somewhat lacking in damage. Its melee attack also packs a mighty punch! Idol Toss, AR Card

Magnus Club

151magnusclubidol Designed to look like Magnus's sword, this club is at the top of its class in melee power and even boosts the speed of its user! Its shots barely have any range, making it the rare weapon exclusively suited to close combat. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

EZ Cannon

152ezcannonidol Cannons fire powerful shots one at a time. Bristling with energy, their volatile volleys explode on impact. The EZ Cannon is a standard version of this armament. While balanced in most respects, its bouncing shots do have a strong homing ability. Idol Toss, AR Card

Ball Cannon

153ballcannonidol Inspired by the weapons seen on pirate ships, the Ball Cannon shoots iron balls with devastating power. Its continuous fire creates a hail of smaller spheres sure to turn any scurvy dog into swiss cheese. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Predator Cannon

154predatorcannonidol This cannon raises movement speed and has the strongest melee attack of its weapon type. Upon exploding, its shots deal repeated damage, and its backward-dash charged shot fires an arcing shell that descends on the foe. Idol Toss, AR Card

Poseidon Cannon

155poseidoncannonidol Imbued with just a fraction of the sea god's strength, the Poseidon Cannon fires rippling, water-like shots that entangle enemies and smash them with the force of a flood. Its rapid fire blasts enemies with a veritable divine water cannon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Fireworks Cannon

156fireworkscannonidol A cannon inspired by the tubes used to launch fireworks. It features a strong homing ability, fast charge, wide explosions, and the ability to knock enemies into the air. On the downside, its attacks lack in power and range. Idol Toss, AR Card

Rail Cannon

157railcannonidol The Rail Cannon fires small rounds at high speeds with the greatest range of any cannon, and it has continuous fire that unleashes projectiles in very tight clusters. It's a solid choice for those accurate enough to pick off enemies from afar. Idol Toss, AR Card

Dynamo Cannon

158dynamocannonidol The Dynamo Cannon fires charged shots that detonate at the end of their range or upon impact, causing damage in a small radius. Many of the cannon's attacks also paralyze foes. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Doom Cannon

159doomcannonidol A cannon that brings ruin to its victims. The shots are slow to charge, and slow-moving as well, but after impact, they deal ongoing damage in an expanding, devastating area! Idol Toss, AR Card

Leo Cannon

160leocannonidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Leo. Shoots incendiary bombs that can send enemies flying, then explode behind them for extra damage. This attack can be difficult to land, making the Leo Cannon tricky to use. Idol Toss, AR Card

Sonic Cannon

161soniccannonidol The bursts from this weapon cut foes to shreds. Its continuous fire covers a vast area, eventually zeroing in on targets with its homing ability. Its long range and expanding charged shots make it great for distance fighting. Idol Toss, AR Card

Twinbellows Cannon

162twinbellowscannonidol Inspired by the most dreaded mutt in the Underworld. Fires a flame stream that roasts nearby foes. Its backward-dash charged shot creates explosions that detonate near the area they're fired, making them great for close combat. Idol Toss, AR Card

Cragalanche Cannon

163cragalanchecannonidol A cannon made from pieces of Cragalanche. The rocks it fires have massive destructive power. But, being rocks, they lack speed and their explosions are relatively small. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Standard Orbitars

164standardorbitarsidol Orbitars are pairs of weapons that fire shots as they hover above their wielder's shoulders, allowing for wholly unimpeded movement. And what the small Standard Orbitars lack in punch they make up for in all-around quality. Idol Toss, AR Card

Guardian Orbitars

165guardianorbitarsidol These orbitars specialize in defense, for their charged shot raises a shield that has a strong potential of nullifying incoming fire. After throwing up this shield, users should switch to continuous fire as their main method of attack. Idol Toss, AR Card

Shock Orbitars

166shockorbitarsidol These orbitars gather their energy from the flaps of Pit's wings, releasing electric projectiles that disperse on impact. Their speed and range are nothing spectacular, but their charged shots have a high homing ability. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Eyetrack Orbitars

167eyetrackorbitarsidol These orbitars were once sealed inside a cursed royal tomb. Their homing ability is among the best of any weapon, making them very easy to use. However, they lack in terms of attack power and charge time. Idol Toss, AR Card

Fairy Orbitars

168fairyorbitarsidol Tired of pixies asking you to listen? Try these spritely orbitars on for size! They charge quickly, allowing for consecutive charged shots. Their greatest feature is the ability to confuse enemies. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Paw Pad Orbitars

169pawpadorbitarsidol The Paw Pad Orbitars are too cute, aren't they? They have a short charge time, and shots bounce about like an excited kitten. Shield yourself with the backward-dash charged shot, or circle around enemies using continuous fire. Idol Toss, AR Card

Jetstream Orbitars

170jetstreamorbitarsidol Charged shots fired from these orbitars may lack any sort of homing, but when they do hit—watch out! They're strong, though generally lose strength the farther they travel. Try knocking foes into the air with charged shots! Idol Toss, AR Card

Boom Orbitars

171boomorbitarsidol These burly-looking orbitars fire small bullets that really pack a wallop! Top among orbitars in melee and ranged attack power, they lack any sort of homing ability and slow the user down considerably during continuous fire. Idol Toss, AR Card

Gemini Orbitars

172geminiorbitarsidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Gemini. The standard charged shots they fire travel straight, then break suddenly toward their target. This makes the wielder of such orbitars extremely hard to predict in Together mode. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Orbitars

173aurumorbitarsidol These orbitars were built by literally combining members of the Aurum forces. Their continuous fire unleashes a narrow beam that is limited in range but travels so fast that targets have little time to dodge. Idol Toss, AR Card

Centurion Orbitars

174centurionorbitarsidol Modeled after Palutena's rank-and-file soldiers, these orbitars fire shots that arc like arrows in flight and are powerful at close range. Their backward-dash charged shots fire centurion-knight shields, and their continuous fire has a long range. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Arlon Orbitars

175arlonorbitarsidol Inspired by Arlon the Serene. But unlike Arlon, this weapon is far from invisible in combat, featuring the longest range of any of the orbitars. Its continuous fire unleashes a stream of the chakrams used by Arlon. Idol Toss, AR Card




How to Obtain

Crusher Arm

176crusherarmidol Arms have the smallest reach of any weapon type, putting wielders at a disadvantage in long-range combat. Yet they also have incredible dash and melee attacks. The Crusher Arm is the standard model of this type of weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Compact Arm

177compactarmidol An arm designed to be both small and light, it gives the highest movement speed of any arm, though this comes at the cost of lower melee power. Handling more like other weapons, the Compact Arm is great at midrange. Idol Toss, AR Card

Electroshock Arm

178electroshockarmidol An arm that fires bursts of electricity. Its charged shots expand as they travel, dealing a quick round of damage and inflicting paralysis. And its melee strikes send the foe flying backward, so get in there quick with your combos! Idol Toss, AR Card

Volcano Arm

179volcanoarmidol The Volcano Arm uses geothermal energy for ranged and melee attacks that can set foes ablaze. Though limited in distance and long on charge time, it's a good pick for close-quarters combat. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Drill Arm

180drillarmidol Designed to look like an excavation tool, the Drill Arm plows through enemies with its charged shot, which does ongoing damage. The powerful attack has great homing ability. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Bomber Arm

181bomberarmidol The rapid burning fists this weapon fires swerve sharply toward the foe. Though its continuous fire is weak, its charged shots are not, and it charges more quickly than any other arm. However, its range is among the shortest of any weapon. Idol Toss, AR Card

Bowl Arm

182bowlarmidol This weapon was designed to look like a decorative bowl and curiously fires off bowls and toys. While it seems like the Bowl Arm would be a fragile sort of weapon, it actually has potent charged shots. Idol Toss, AR Card

End-All Arm

183endallarmidol The End-All Arm is the be-all arm for malicious decimation. Though it takes a long time to charge, its continuous fire is deadly, particularly when fired during a side dash. However, it does slow the user's movement somewhat. Idol Toss, AR Card

Taurus Arm

184taurusarmidol The Zodiac weapon bearing the sign of Taurus. The two horns deal the most melee damage of any arm. While its ranged attacks are big and powerful, they have weak homing ability and limited range. Idol Toss, AR Card

Upperdash Arm

185upperdasharmidol The Upperdash Arm is outfitted with a disc-shaped device that fires ring shots. Its backward-dash charged shot can lift foes into the air. While its regular melee attacks are weak, its melee dash attack deals massive damage. Idol Toss, AR Card

Kraken Arm

186krakenarmidol Fashioned after the Galactic Sea's greatest monster, this weapon fires slow shots that feature large, hooking homing trajectories. It also features a strong melee attack and midrange performance. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Phoenix Arm

187phoenixarmidol Modeled after the Phoenix, this arm features a unique continuous fire that travels twice as far as its charged shots. The charged shots set foes ablaze, while its continuous-fire attack launches blade feathers. Idol Toss, AR Card

Enemy Idols




How to Obtain


188monoeyeidol NTSC: A Monoeye is a surveillance drone in the Underworld Army. Though it is capable of draining life from its target with its tentacles, a lowly Monoeye will never do so on prey like Pit. He's just too divine to touch!

PAL: Surveillance drones in the Underworld Army that usually attack in large groups. Their tentacles are used for sucking the life from their prey. However, this has barely any effect on a powerful warrior like Pit, so they don't even bother trying.

Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Wave Angler

189waveangleridol This floating Underworld foe fires huge wave shots. Normally the Wave Angler floats and shoots from side to side, but tired of having its horizontal attacks dodged, it has recently added a vertical shot to its routine. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


190octosidol An Octos is a flying relative of the octopus, a water-based animal you may have seen in monster movies. It sprays ring-shaped jets of ink from its mouth that looks fun to fly through but will hurt you if touched. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


191keronidol This winged, one-eyed frog uses its wings to make up for the fact it can't jump that well. Despite its laziness, Keron's surprisingly nimble spin attack and large, durable body make it a formidable foe. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


192gyrazeridol Gyrazers are spinning wheels of death that fire piercing lasers from the eye beneath their bodies, so watching out for them is kind of recommended. Unfortunately, the face on their side is just for show, so no, they don't get dizzy while they spin. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


193shemumidol These winged, poisonous snakes leap out of vases to attack enemies, making up for their lack of strength with sheer numbers. These vases are invulnerable to ranged shots, so use melee strikes or attack items to destroy them. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


194nettleridol Originally a slug, this enemy has evolved arms and gained improved mobility in the process. While not very athletic, its reflexes are excellent. When fired upon, the Nettler can even use its soft body to squish itself flat and dodge attacks. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


195skuttleridol These basic troops form the backbone of the Underworld Army. Simpleminded creatures, Skuttlers tend to forget any mishaps they suffer but also quit when the going gets tough. Yet they're still valued for their low cost and versatility. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Skuttler Cannoneer

196skuttlercannoneeridol These Skuttlers have been equipped with a cannon, earning them a whole extra word on their title. Their single eyes have been upgraded to improve their aim, although they're still not very accurate compared to other enemies. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Skuttler Mage

197skuttlermageidol These Skuttlers can use magic, hence the name. They attack with a fire spell and a weakening spell that can lower your maximum health. Only the best Skuttlers get picked for this job, an honor that's better than any pay raise. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Suit of Skuttler

198suitofskuttleridol Tired of their roles as cannon fodder, some Skuttlers jump into the bronze statues that are so common in the Underworld. Their defenses are improved, but their rears are exposed, so getting behind them is your best bet. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


199mikidol Often deployed as the Underworld Army's advance guard, these floating mouths with whiplike tongues love to literally give their enemies a licking. They have an infinite appetite, and all attempts to put them on a diet have ended in tragedy. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


200ganewmedeidol Ganewmedes are evolved Monoeyes whose tentacles have been replaced by spiky legs. They respond violently when fired upon, so approach them calmly and use melee attacks to take them out without getting hurt. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


201crawleridol This living tank unit uses caterpillar treads to charge over any terrain. Covered in thick armor, Crawler is impervious against almost any attack except to a wide-open weak point on the creature's back: its heart. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


202syrenidol Long thought the stuff of myths, Syrens are creatures that seem to combine the bodies of women with the limbs of birds. Their ability to fly and shoot whirlwinds from their open mouths sets them apart from all monsters and most gamers. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


203shripidol Beetles with sharp swords protruding from their heads. Able to unhinge their shoulder joints, Shrips fly through the air, spinning their bladed heads at high speed. Although fierce attackers, all that twirling gives Shrips terrible aim. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


204porcuspineidol Porcuspine attacks over a wide range by shooting needles in all directions. Despite the hard look in its eyes, Porcuspine is a relatively calm and reserved monster. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


205belunkaidol Belunka is a living troop transport that loads smaller Underworld forces in its mouth—also its weak point—and then vomits them out onto the battlefield. Take down Belunka, and you'll also destroy all the enemies inside! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


206handoraidol A pair of monstrous hands joined together and given a will of their own. Handoras crawl like spiders, even scrambling across walls and ceilings with ease. They are merciless hunters, their only motivation the desire to attack others. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


207coralidol Upon maturation, these Underworld enemies explode, spraying deadly bits of rock over a wide area. Shoot them and these pieces will fly toward you, but melee them and they'll fly in the opposite direction. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


208boogityidol These enemies can shoot missiles and have impenetrable armor on their backs. But when curiosity gets the best of them, they turn around, revealing their weak spot. To their credit, they put a lot of effort into at least looking scary. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


209monolithidol Monoliths are flying objects that are said to have once been used in the training of soldiers. They repel all attacks, and their magic properties allow them to ignore gravity and freely transport Underworld troops. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


210splinidol This Underworld creature is best thought of as a fierce amoeba with blades. Splin can divide instantly to increase their numbers and often band together to resist potential predators. For a little eukaryote, it's pretty high up on the food chain. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


211specknoseidol Specknose prefers damp climates and, while cowardly by nature, isn't afraid to launch sneeze bombs at the first sight of prey. Its mustache-like growth is actually a set of tentacles. Gross, right? Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


212commylooseidol These squid-like enemies grow gigantic missiles that, once finished, are hurled with their tentacles. While these missiles are technically part of their bodies, Commyloose are eager to be rid of such potentially explosive weapons. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


213shulmidol Poisonous Underworld fungus that spews noxious gas. Its spores thrive in dank places, causing Shulms to grow like crazy. Don't let its meek appearance fool you! Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Fire Wyrm

214firewyrmidol A giant skeletal dragon said to reside in the fiery seas of the Underworld. The Fire Wyrm's feared even among Underworld forces. Its flames are fueled by the jealousy and rage of others, guaranteeing it will survive as long as humans do. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


215shildeenidol Underworld soldiers born to fulfill just one simple task: defending their allies. Nearly all ranged attacks are nullified by their impervious shields. Shildeens have a skill for organization rare among the Underworld Army. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


216zurretidol A Zurret is effectively an Underworld fixed gun turret. Zurret larvae mature within days of being placed in soil. After growing, it hides until prey approaches, at which point it pops up and shoots a deadly accurate blast. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


217paramushidol A paratrooper in the Underworld Army. After parachuting to the ground, a Paramush will then run around crazily, rapidly shooting at its enemies. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


218komaytoidol While this creature resembles a certain alien life-form, the last Komaytos are not in captivity and Skyworld is not at peace. Stray too close and it will latch on to you, draining your life energy and restricting your movement. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


219daphneidol Daphnes look like adorable flowers until they attack, revealing their terrifying true faces. They defeat their enemies by scattering explosive "Daphne mines" then move in to gobble up the remains. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


220stackjawidol Stackjaws are bizarre creatures whose bodies resemble totem poles. They fire lasers in a 360-degree radius and can't be beaten unless you take out their topmost portion. But be careful: they get more powerful as they get shorter. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


221minosidol Covered in spikes like a blowfish, Minos swells up when attacked. Although it looks cool and collected—even when fully puffed—Minos is actually seething with rage on the inside. Don't take it personally. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


222merenguyidol The Merenguy's dance is strangely entrancing. So much so that it uses its talent to distract enemies for the Underworld Army. When that folksy music starts playing and Merenguy starts shaking its hips, you just can't look away. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Mega Mussel

223megamusselidol Mega Mussel was designed to attack indiscriminately, and that's exactly what it does. When its scallop-like shell opens, its pearly eyes fire shots in all directions, decimating enemies that group together. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


224gloomerangidol Gloomerangs wear masks, just as we do in our lives. But while our metaphorical masks hide emotions, the Gloomerangs' are giant boomerangs that shield them from damage. This defense is lost when they attack foes with their boomerangs. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


225reaperidol Reapers serve as lookouts for the Underworld Army. When they spot an enemy, they let out a piercing scream that summons their feisty servants, the Reapettes. They also use their giant scythes to reap the souls of their victims. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


226shelboidol Essentially an impervious shell with lips, Shelbo fights by biting its prey. This attack reveals Shelbo's only weakness: the eye inside its mouth. Joke time: why is Shelbo good at dieting? Because it always watches what it eats. Oh! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


227zureeidol Attacks pass through this Underworld ghost when in spirit form, allowing it to approach prey and rip it to shreds with its deadly shake-inducing claws. This leaves it vulnerable, so dodge with a dash and then strike! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


228orneidol These vengeful ghosts seem to be formed from concentrated misery and regret. All who come into contact with Orne have their minds shattered, with death following shortly thereafter. They are attracted to the life force of their enemies. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


229tortolunkidol A turtle-like member of the Underworld. Armed with a rock-hard shell, Tortolunk likes to flip on its back and spin like a top, lashing out with its massive arms. This spinning leaves Tortolunks dizzy and vulnerable to attack. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Eggplant Wizard

230eggplantwizardidol Those hit by eggplants thrown by the Eggplant Wizard are turned into, well, eggplants. Pit can't attack in this state, and the only cure is time. So you'd best vamoose if you don't want to end up baba ghanoush. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


231clubberskullidol Clubberskulls possess unrivaled attack strength capable of destroying even high-level monsters. Because of this threat, they are normally sealed away, only attacking if disturbed. Leaving them alone is an extremely valid strategy. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


232magmooidol Semianimate creatures born from the magma of the Underworld. Their brains put out a constant source of heat that keeps their magma piping hot. Lacking smarts, they sometimes stumble into water, which never goes well for them. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


233blusteridol Bluster covers itself in a cloud-like material for protection. It favors defense, using its attacks to cause shaking in enemies, which in turn leaves them vulnerable to damage from Bluster's allies. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


234girinidol Rather than waiting for prey to fall into its trap, this hyperevolved ant lion jumps out at enemies, attempting to crush them in its pincers. However, Girin leaves itself open to attack after this lunge and will retreat in surprise if hit. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


235leoxidol If you like lions and motorcycles, man, Leox is 100% the enemy for you. It charges forward, bringing its head down like a hammer. This bone-shattering blow also sends out shock waves that shake the air around it. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


236arminidol At first, Armin appears to be quite the invulnerable beast, protected in front and back by heavy plates. However, from the side its true puny body is exposed, exposing this Underworld monster for the weakling it really is. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


237petribomberidol This four-handed creature produces explosive rocks from its body, launching them at foes when they're grown. Since it walks on hands instead of feet, it often loses its balance and trips, blowing itself up in the process. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


238snongidol Semiconscious monsters that resemble elephants. The head commands two arms that come from both sides to crush their enemies. While they're one of the Underworld's heavy hitters, they don't mind helping out around the office. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


239vakloomidol Vakloom absorbs all ranged attacks with the black hole in the center of its body. It then converts that absorbed energy into a massive laser blast that it uses to return fire. A slow creature, Vakloom is best taken down with melee attacks. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


240sinistewidol A murky Underworld genie who resides in a pot. But this genie doesn't grant wishes—he just tries to drag passersby into his lair! The pot contains a one-dimensional universe—those pulled into it are rarely seen again. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Brawny Claws

241brawnyclawsidol An Underworld crustacean that blocks Pit's progress by extending its arms and legs. Its pincers stretch out to the side but can't extend up or forward. Still, for lazy little Brawny Claws, this technique comes in quite handy. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


242snowmanidol A mean, hulking giant made of ice, this is one Snowman who definitely isn't a jolly, happy soul. A territorial beast, it blasts all who come near with its frozen breath. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


243frozumidol This member of the Underworld Army dwells in frosty climates. To attack, it summons powerful blizzards capable of freezing anybody who comes close. In warmer locales, they are kept as pets that can double as air conditioners. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


244plutonidol This thief steals items from its victims and tries to dash away before it gets caught. The Underworld Army is willing to overlook these crimes because of Pluton's fighting power—and because evil is sort of what the Underworld Army does. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Zik & Zak

245zikandzakidol The Zik is the big one. Zak, the small. A Zik functions like a control tower, broadcasting telepathic signals to control its little buddy. Defeating a Zik breaks this connection, causing the Zak to move about aimlessly. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


246bumbledropidol Upright, Bumbledrop is an easygoing monster. But when it falls over, it slides toward foes and slams into them. Ranged shots are ineffective when it's on the ground, so take it out while it's upright. Fast fact: it also loves hot springs. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Remoblam & Remoblamling

247remoblamandremoblamlingidol Remoblams each control multiple Remoblamlings. And if the Remoblam is destroyed, its attendant Remoblamlings blow up in succession. However, these monsters were designed to be bombs, so these explosions are quite dangerous. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Collin & Phil

248collinandphilidol Once soldiers in Palutena's army, Collins are now cursed to fly around firing the poisonous Phil bugs that live inside their bodies. They can be defeated by using melee attacks to knock Phils back at them. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


249trailtailidol Trailtail flies in a zigzag pattern, leaving a trail of thread behind it. Like a spider with its silk, Trailtail uses this thread to capture prey. However, making too many trails can leave it famished, forcing it to pick a perfect spot to really let loose. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


250shootflyidol Underworld enemies that function like homing mines. When shots pass them, they locate and then swarm their target. However, they can be passed quietly and only react to ranged shots, so melee attacks are the way to go. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


251igniotidol A fearsome, rotating cannon that fires off petrifying beams of light. Its dangling eyeball keeps a constant vigil, mercilessly blasting any opposing forces that cross its path. Luckily, Palutena's protection ensures Pit is only briefly turned to stone. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Tempura Wizard

252tempurawizardidol An enemy even more fearsome than the Eggplant Wizard. Once sprinkled with its flour, targets are transformed into shrimp tempura. And if you're cursed, look out: the Tempura Wizard can turn you into dinner with a one-bite kill. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


253erinusidol An Erinus is an Underworld foe that prefers to attack in great numbers, though even when seeming to fight isn't. Its top and bottom halves can separate and fight independently, making it a diabolical duo! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


254guttleridol This gluttonous monster gobbles up anything it can. Whether it eats friend or foe, Guttler grows stronger with each creature it consumes. Although this helps cut down on the number of enemies, it also gives Guttler’s attacks a bigger bite! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Fort Oink

255fortoinkidol Fort Oink was originally designed to transport Underworld troops to the battlefield. However, mistakes were made, and it now fires its passengers as ammunition. At least the Underworld now knows to measure twice and cut once. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


256monomiknoseidol If this face rings a bell, it's because it's actually made up of two Monoeyes, a Mik, and a Specknose. While you'd think the combination of four monsters would be quite powerful, Monomiknose is not as great as the sum of its parts. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Handora

257cellularhandoraidol This cellular version of the Underworld Handora guards Hades's Belly from intruders. Handoras are created by mass cloning the hands of other Underworld monsters. Naturally, being in a stomach, they have to wash often. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Bluster

258cellularblusteridol This cellular version of the Underworld Bluster guards Hades's Belly from intruders. While most cells spend all day processing nutrients and dividing, Cellular Bluster shields itself with an ever-growing layer of gelatin. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Monoeye

259cellularmonoeyeidol This cellular version of the Underworld Monoeye guards Hades's Belly from intruders. When not on alert, they plant their tentacles into a wall or ceiling, dangling there and sleeping like the cutest thing you ever did see. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Komayto

260cellularkomaytoidol This cellular version of the Underworld Komayto guards Hades's Belly from intruders. They act like white blood cells, latching onto foes and transferring their life force to Hades's Belly. Take them out with melee attacks. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Igniot

261cellularigniotidol This cellular version of the Underworld Igniot guards Hades's Belly from intruders. They specialize in turning targets to stone with beams of light. A regular human hit with this attack could never hope to move again. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Sinistew

262cellularsinistewidol This cellular version of the Underworld Sinistew guards Hades's Belly from intruders. Like their counterparts, Sinistews hide in vessels that can only be damaged with melee attacks. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Snong

263cellularsnongidol This cellular version of the Underworld Snong guards Hades's Belly from intruders. Just like the regular Snong, it has two massive arms and a head that controls them. Where are its legs, you ask? Out for a walk. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Skuttler

264cellularskuttleridol This cellular version of the Underworld Skuttler guards Hades's Belly from intruders. Skuttlers are the most common grunts in the Underworld Army, so battling in the digestive tract of a god is just another day at the office. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Gyrazer

265cellulargyrazeridol This cellular version of the Underworld Gyrazer guards Hades's Belly from intruders. They dash in and attack invaders with a burst of high-speed fire from the cannons on their undersides. Not too smart, though. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Cellular Shildeen

266cellularshildeenidol This cellular version of the Underworld Shildeen guards Hades's Belly from intruders. Although they possess no means of attack, they excel at protecting their allies. In fact, you could call them a cell wall. Get it? Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card




How to Obtain

Space Pirate

267spacepirateidol Space Pirates are a race that travel the galaxies capturing constellations. The armor they wear is actually an exoskeleton that shields the glowing creatures within. Yellow Space Pirates are the most common crew members. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Space Pirate Sniper

268spacepiratesniperidol Space Pirate Snipers pick off their targets from medium range and specialize in firing from a prone position. This stabilizes their aim, and the eye on top of their heads make up for any vision lost in this position. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Space Pirate Commando

269spacepiratecommandoidol Space Pirate Commandos are equipped with incendiary grenade launchers. The explosions from their shots wreak serious havoc. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card




How to Obtain


270nutskiidol A basic grunt in the Forces of Nature. It uses its leaves to fly, shooting whenever it turns itself upside down. Viridi created Nutski by removing a chestnut from its shell and blessing it with a miracle. Tastes great if you can get past its being sentient. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


271trynamiteidol Exploding mines of the Forces of Nature. They explode with a loud bang, sending three chunks of shrapnel flying toward foes. Viridi sometimes gets playful when naming her troop, hence the pun here on "dynamite." Idol Toss, AR Card


272zertidol After being struck by lightning, this tree gained the power to produce small storm clouds. Zert paralyzes its victims and blasts them with lightning damage. It moves erratically because of the electricity that courses through it. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


273bladeridol These elite Forces of Nature soldiers can change their form to suit either land or air battles. This helps Bladers adapt their tactics to any condition, even fleeing if necessary. They also serve as field commanders, doling out simple orders. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Dibble Dop

274dibbledopidol While Dibble Dop looks like a pitcher plant, it doesn't capture and eat bugs. Rather, it stores up moisture in its pouch and then launches it out in the form of a water bomb. This water is even magically condensed to make it extra damaging! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


275parashooteridol This Forces of Nature monster uses its leaf as a parasail, gliding through the air toward its enemies. It then shoots them with blades of condensed air. Notably, Parashooter doesn't grow this leaf itself but takes it from other plants. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


276lurchthornidol This string of cannons lies in wait until an enemy draws near, at which point it activates and speeds through the air. The turrets located on its joints can be destroyed, but targeting its head is the most effective strategy. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Pew Pew

277pewpewidol This arboreal cannon is equipped with evolved roots that allow it to walk around. From time to time, its lid pops open, revealing an eye-shaped mark it uses to intimidate enemies. The origin of its cannonballs is still a mystery to botanists. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


278pipidol Pips are single-celled organisms with the ability to divide whenever they're dealt a strong blow, instantly increasing their numbers. They don't exhibit much capacity for thought beyond a simple desire for easy livin'. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


279urgleidol A mobile tree creature, Urgle likes to charge toward enemies at full speed and flip them over like a tea table. While this method of attack may look easy, that's only because Urgle toils day and night to perfect its flipping technique. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


280hugwormidol These worms use their beaks to burrow through the ground and suddenly appear. They coil around their prey until it loses consciousness and then gobble it up with delight. Hugworms fear being cooked, so your best strategy is fire and lots of it. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


281toxiecapidol While a deadly fungus like the Underworld Army's Shulm, Toxiecap is actually an engineered bioweapon, not, ironically, a natural organism. Its many eyes provide surveillance as the poison shots it fires deal out plenty of damage. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


282lethiniumidol The big guns in the Forces of Nature. Lethiniums often grow near bases or areas requiring defense and shoot a powerful laser beam. Not the best flower to use when saying "I'm sorry." Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


283jitterthugidol Depending on which way its mask is facing, Jitterthug looks like either an old man or a furious monster. Each of these "personas" has its own traits: the old man is unaffected by ranged shots, while the angry monster is immune to melee strikes. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Boom Stomper

284boomstomperidol A gigantic mass of rock inscribed with runes and given the gift of life. With its tremendous weight, walking is a struggle. Yet Boom Stomper uses this bulk to its advantage by toppling onto its foes as a heavy attack. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


285mahvaidol Mahva defends itself with a sphere of water that only allows friendly fire to pass through. This makes it an ideal front-line soldier for the Forces of Nature. But don't give up: persistent attacks will eventually break through Mahva's shield. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


286badootidol In the air, Badoots are obstacles. On land, they link together with an electric tether to trip their enemies. Badoots are almost impervious to any attack while linked, so your best bet is to wait for them to part and then strike. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Bumpety Bomb

287bumpetybombidol Have you ever planted a bomb, only to have monsters run away from it? It's the worst! That's why Viridi created this running time bomb. Its armor makes it hard to destroy from afar and dangerous up close, so you might just want to run! Viridi's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


288mudroneidol Originally spindly creatures with twig-like bodies, Mudrones used the power of earth and water to bulk up. Mudrones will be defeated for good after the third time you've downed them, so it might be better just to run. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


289cacawidol Cacaw raises a piercing cry whenever it spots an enemy. This shriek contains supersonic waves that give its victims disorienting brain damage. Sure, you can try to run away, but your best bet is just defeating this noisy menace. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


290skreetleidol When walking on all fours, Skreetle is hard to hit. Ironically, it's when it stands up to intimidate its foes that this creature is most vulnerable. Like most insects, Skreetle prefers tight spaces to being out in the open. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Captain Flare

291captainflareidol He's the man of mystery. He disappears without a trace. He's the amazing Captain Flare! He shoots comets from the space rift within his cape—the very same cape that contains the alternate universe Captain Flare likes to disappear into. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


292meebaidol A Meeba is a parasitic fungus that inhabits the body of a beetle. Although its host has expired, the shell provides excellent defense against frontal attacks. Circle around and attack from behind where its body is exposed. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


293megontaidol Megontas are giant pill bugs in the Forces of Nature. They ball up for protection, using their armored shells to deflect all attacks. A solid melee attack can send it on its back, exposing its weak underside! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


294flageidol This single-celled organism uses its ability to blend with its surroundings to be an effective assassin. Although invisible, the Flage makes noise and casts a shadow. But it will appear when it strikes, making this the best time to take it out. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


295clobbleridol The Clobbler is usually a meek creature living a modest life of restraint. But once angered, it blows up and mutates into an aggressive monster. Those who incur the Clobbler's wrath are advised to run for three days to give it time to calm down. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card




How to Obtain


296tribyteidol The Aurum come from outer space, using a mysterious antigravity technology to keep their forces in the air. Tribytes, the Aurum's basic soldiers, take advantage of this high-tech science to fly in coordinated groups. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


297blitidol These Aurum enemies tear through space-time itself to appear, fire off a barrage of shots, and then disappear. While it's possible to pass through the center of their shots, Blits often attack in groups, making this a dangerous tactic. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


298quoilidol By spinning constantly around its core, this Aurum creature is able to both maintain balance and generate its own energy. It attacks by ramming into nearby enemies, dealing extra damage with its vicious spin. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


299jyokidol Jyok is made of four poles bound together by an electromagnetic beam. While it's normally invulnerable, it reveals its weak point when it opens its poles to fire homing lasers. Make sure you don't miss! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


300claxisidol Claxis has numerous guns set into its synthetic surface. Each gun is capable of finding targets on its own. However, when attacking, the center gun commands the others to fire, which they do in sequence. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


301dohzidol An Aurum troop transport, Dohz releases soldiers from the hole in its underbelly. However, Dohz is a deadly combatant in its own right and will stay on the front lines to fight long after it finishes deploying its cargo. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


302plixoidol Originally intended to function as solar panels, this Aurum creature has no particular method of attack. Perhaps the tulips and fish they display on their pixel-like light grids are a sign of a consciousness. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


303kolmaidol Aurum enemies that look like giant wheels of cheese. Kolma attack from a distance by flinging pieces of outer armor at their foes. Their sides are always vulnerable, but they can be attacked from any angle once they shed all of their armor plates. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


304taklaxidol Although they look a bit like a tasty dessert, these Aurum enemies are neither sweet nor delicious. They unfurl like a butterfly and fire continuous shots. When not on the assault, Taklax are often assigned surveillance duties. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


305xonemeidol Xoneme defends itself with a series of rotating panels that it can also fan outward as an attack. These panels are invulnerable, so the best strategy for taking down Xoneme is to get past or aim for the spaces between them. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


306sioidol An Aurum enemy that looks like nothing you've ever seen before. They rob their foes of sight and mobility with black-hole shots. Try to escape from these traps before they can hit you with their lasers and body blows! Viridi's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


307zaurumidol Zaurum are the only members of the Aurum that resemble anything like living beings. Yet whether they're actually alive remains unclear. They're deployed on the Aurum floating islands and excel at psychic attacks. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


308bagloidol Baglo is an unassuming enemy that only awakens when attacked, unleashing a barrage of continuous fire. So take care when battling near a Baglo that one of your own shots doesn't stray and hit it! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


309rezdaidol These Aurum forces defend their allies by erecting shields that prevent everything but other Aurum and their shots from passing through. This defense exposes their cores, so a careful aim should be enough to take them out. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


310zrinkidol Initially, Zrinks are large, slow-moving targets. Yet as they take damage, they shed their outer armor, making them smaller and allowing them to move faster. They rarely attack, instead providing defense for nearby Aurum. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


311rozidol These Aurum comets have a seemingly impossible mass, making them both invulnerable to attack and capable of incredible destruction when striking objects. When they hit the ground, they release an analytical compound. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


312nukleenidol A Nukleen is a mine that the Aurum often use to conquer planets. They explode when attacked, erupting in a wide-range explosion that deals damage to friends and foes alike, so they can be used to Pit's advantage. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card


313biotaidol A Biota flings out floating green energy orbs to attack its enemies. These orbs are designed to withstand almost any attack, but it's possible to use this to your advantage. A melee strike can send them flying back at the Biota! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Monoeye

314aurummonoeyeidol An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Monoeye. The Aurum Monoeye has the characteristics of the original, so it's really not that strong. Simple creatures are relatively easy to copy at low cost, so this enemy was obviously first in line. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Mik

315aurummikidol An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Mik. With their obsession with copying everything, you'd think they would turn the tide of battle by mimicking the world's #1 warrior, Pit. Lucky for us, they'd have to catch him first to have a chance! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Pip

316aurumpipidol An Aurum version of Viridi's Pip. The Aurum begin their copying process by emulating the outer appearance of their subjects. And although they can't replicate a Pip's cellular structure, they are able to mimic its dividing ability. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Fire Wyrm

317aurumfirewyrmidol An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Fire Wyrm. While they may not look the same, the replica really nails the original's massive size! If a Fire Wyrm and an Aurum Fire Wyrm got into a fight, the real winner would be good times. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Specknose

318aurumspecknoseidol An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Specknose. Those Aurum eyes are super creepy, huh? Although Aurum versions of Monoeye, Specknose, and Mik exist, they thankfully don't combine to form an Aurum Monomiknose. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Skuttler

319aurumskuttleridol An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Skuttler. Even the weakness and clumsy movements of the original have been faithfully reproduced! When assimilating a new world, the Aurum copy all fighting styles...even the weak ones. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Urgle

320aurumurgleidol An Aurum copy of the Forces of Nature's Urgle. It does a great job of nailing down its inspiration's flipping move. However, the jury is still out on how effective the original was against the Aurum flying forces. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Aurum Shemum

321aurumshemumidol An Aurum copy of the Underworld's Shemum. Like its original counterpart, the Aurum Shemum only appears on the ground and even slithers as it moves! Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card




How to Obtain


322centurionidol The rank-and-file troops of Palutena's personal guard. They fly through the air, attacking enemies in great numbers. While their attacks are weak, their flying ability far exceeds Pit's. Word has it they can even be revived if shot down. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Centurion Knight

323centurionknightidol Palutena's royal guard is armed to defend strategic locations throughout Skyworld. Centurion knights are considered the best of the best, fearlessly charging at enemies when their stout shields are broken in combat. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Centurion Strongarm

324centurionstrongarmidol While very strong, these muscle-bound centurions aren't the brightest bunch. Therefore they're often tasked with hurling barbells and working the crank that converts weapons to hearts. They make excellent moving buddies. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card


325juggernautidol While Palutena's mighty catapults aren't strictly alive, they are able to think and react on their own. They feed rocks from atop their heads into launchers, which hurl them at the foe like a pitching machine. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card




How to Obtain

Shadow Pit

326shadowpitidol Created by the Chaos Kin, these illusory copies of Pit possess all of Pit's abilities and four of his weapons: blades, palms, cannons, and orbitars. Yet they lack Pit's blessings and experience in battle. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card




How to Obtain


327treasurefishidol Nearly all the Treasure Boxes you see scattered around the world were from Treasurefish. Take them down while they're transporting a chest to reap rich rewards! Not allied to any side, they roam the battlefield, dropping their prizes. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Rare Treasurefish

328raretreasurefishidol The Rare Treasurefish is loaded with even better cargo than its cousins! You can be sure whatever they're carrying is top notch, so shoot them down on sight. They seem to insist on standing out without any regard for their own safety. Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card


329soufleeidol Bonus enemies who reward those who defeat them with tons of extra points and hearts. They dash away when found, so do what you can to take them down before they disappear. Foodies beware: that cherry on top is actually an eye! Hades's Treasure Hunt, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Item Idols




How to Obtain


330heartidol This bonus appears after vanquishing enemies. Hearts function as both currency and a mark of devotion to Palutena. Although they aren't accepted everywhere in Skyworld, hearts possess considerable trade-in value. Idol Toss, AR Card

Treasure Box

331treasureboxidol These boxes aren't locked, so you can plunder them at will! You can spot a Treasure Box from a distance from the halo hovering over its lid. Idol Toss, AR Card

Tiny Box

332tinyboxidol Raise your hand if you have too much stuff. You can't—no room. You have too much stuff. But here's a solution: the Tiny Box. It's a magic device that can actually hold as much as a regular Treasure Box in a fraction of the space! Idol Toss, AR Card

Speedy Box

333speedyboxidol Speedy Box is a Treasure Box that runs away whenever someone tries to open it. This makes it a good way to protect treasure from thieves and, unfortunately, the treasure's owners. Shoot it to halt its escape. Idol Toss, AR Card

Bouncy Box

334bouncyboxidol Bouncy Box is a Treasure Box with a strange security feature: it jumps away whenever someone tries to open it! While this is known to jumble contents, it still makes the box a popular practical-joke choice. Idol Toss, AR Card

Pandora's Box

335pandorasboxidol Pandora's Box is in many ways the exact opposite of a Treasure Box. More often than not, these boxes are rigged with traps. But once in a while, they'll contain a pleasant surprise. If your health is low, it might be better to avoid them. Idol Toss, AR Card


336mimicutieidol This leggy monster disguises itself as a treasure chest until unsuspecting adventurers try to open it, at which point it attacks with a ceaseless barrage of kicks. Sadly, studies into Mimicutie have ended in more broken shins than answers. Idol Toss, Idol Transformation, AR Card

Recovery Orb

337recoveryorbidol Palutena crafted this item after seeing Pit drop food one too many times during air battles. While it's somewhat lacking in potency, it recovers life the moment it's picked up, making the Recovery Orb a great source of first aid on the go. Idol Toss, AR Card


338foodidol Any textbook will tell you that food found on the street can heal even the worst injuries. While these treats may not look like much, they restore energy immediately, usually in proportion to their calorie count. Idol Toss, AR Card

Drink of the Gods

339drinkofthegodsidol The official beverage of deities, the Drink of the Gods features a sweet taste and bold dose of total health recovery. Down one to instantly recover all of your health. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Gilded Bomb

340gildedbombidol These gilded objects explode when attacked! The small numbs lining the outside are blast caps primed to explode at the slightest impact, harming foes but not allies. The trick is waiting for just the right moment to shoot one. Idol Toss, AR Card

Rock Bomb

341rockbombidol When these bombs explode, they send a hail of stone shrapnel flying in all directions. Just attack it, and watch the shards fly. Be sure your opponent doesn't shoot the Rock Bomb first! Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Wrecking Ball

342wreckingballidol The Wrecking Ball rolls in the direction it's struck, making it a useful tool for bowling over foes. As a gigantic iron ball, it can be a bit clumsy, but its fearsome destructive power is worth the trouble. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Mega Marble

343megamarbleidol This powerful item hovers in the air, pelting any enemies of its attacker with a storm of damaging fragments. While similar to a Rock Bomb, the Mega Marble's fragments have the added feature of bouncing off walls. Idol Toss, AR Card

Dodge Token

344dodgetokenidol Who has time to think about dodging in the heat of battle? Not you, that's who! Equip the Dodge Token to automatically dodge some attacks, provided you're not in the middle of your own attack. Idol Toss, AR Card

Impact Amplifier

345impactamplifieridol Use this item to give your charged shots the ability to knock back foes. If you knock them back far enough, they'll lose their chance to counter! Idol Toss, AR Card

Power-Up Drop

346powerupdropidol Power-Up Drops make you invincible against attacks. While its effects aren't long-lived, this powerful item can turn the tide of a losing battle if used wisely. Idol Toss, AR Card

Shrinky Bean

347shrinkybeanidol Users who eat these beans are shrunk down to a smaller, harder-to-hit size. Shrinky Beans don't affect attack power, making them doubly effective. However, being small won't protect you from wide-ranging attacks, so watch out! Idol Toss, AR Card

Happy Trigger

348happytriggeridol The Happy Trigger cuts the wait between charged shots. The ability to fire off a rapid succession is valuable for weapons with long charge times. Idol Toss, AR Card

Speed Boots

349speedbootsidol These boots boost the foot speed of anyone who wears them. This bonus is short lived, so try to take advantage of it while you can. Though incredibly useful, the Speed Boots' brevity can make them an inefficient item. Idol Toss, AR Card

Elemental Cards

• Poison Card
• Paralysis Card
• Stone Card
• Flame Card
• Ice Card
Each card imbues your weapon with the indicated status effect.
Idol Toss, AR Card

Icy Aura

351icyauraidol This item surrounds its user in a spinning wall of ice that freezes everyone it touches. While this requires you to get close to your foes, it's quite effective! If you're on the receiving end of this item, quickly slide the Circle Pad in all directions! Idol Toss, AR Card

Back Shield

352backshieldidol This floating shield appears behind you, defending you from attacks from the back. While it doesn't help when tackling enemies head-on, it can be a lifesaver in situations where you're suddenly surrounded. Idol Toss, AR Card

Spike Ball

353spikeballidol When picked up, this spiky iron sphere spins around you, dealing damage to enemies in its radius. Use it in conjunction with ranged attacks to take out any enemies that try to dodge the Spike Ball. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Centurion Assist

354centurionassistidol This small item looks exactly like one of Palutena's centurions. However, it has no will of its own and hovers around its users, shooting enemies with pinpoint accuracy. This makes it a great source of extra firepower. Idol Toss, AR Card

Jump Mat

355jumpmatidol Place one of these handy mats on the ground, and step on it to jump! They're great for reaching otherwise hard-to-reach locations. If you find a Jump Mat in Solo, look for a place to use it nearby! Idol Toss, AR Card

Killer Eye

356killereyeidol A compact, movable turret. Any who enter its field of vision are showered with a relentless stream of shots. Press the attack button after picking it up to place it in front of you. It can't attack targets directly behind it, though. Idol Toss, AR Card

Boom Rocket

357boomrocketidol These rockets first launch skyward, after some time falling back down and unleashing a massive explosion when they land. The delayed attack makes them a bit tricky to use but effective in areas where foes are likely to gather. Idol Toss, AR Card

X Bomb

358xbombidol X Bombs explode shortly after being thrown, ripping through multiple enemies for massive damage with their cross-shaped blast. The orientation of the explosion depends on the direction faced when the bomb is thrown. Idol Toss, AR Card


359cycloneidol The strong winds created by this item pull enemies toward its center. Any enemies that reach the Cyclone are damaged and then thrown into the air. As an added bonus, they're also spun around, making it hard for them to aim. Idol Toss, AR Card

Medusa Head

360medusaheadidol Calm down: these are just lifelike models of Medusa's head. They fire petrifying beams capable of turning victims to stone. They function a lot like a turret, making the direction of placement an important decision. Idol Toss, AR Card

Chomp Trap

361chomptrapidol A mysterious pit trap that bends both time and space. Those who step on it find themselves in a dimension of pain, continuously taking damage. Chomp Traps are quite devious, which makes them very dangerous. Idol Toss, AR Card

Capture Circle

362capturecircleidol Those who come into contact with a Capture Circle get temporarily fixed to the spot. This doesn't prevent them from attacking or dodging, however, so don't underestimate your prey when using this item! Idol Toss, AR Card

Giant Maker

363giantmakeridol Once placed on the ground, players who walk over this item will be turned into giants. While this effect adds strength, it also makes the user a much bigger target. Take extra care when facing opponents using staffs. Idol Toss, AR Card


364grenadeidol Once picked up, you can lob this powerful grenade in the direction of the reticle with your next press of the attack button. The yellow color of the reticle means you can press the attack button to throw an item. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Smart Bomb

365smartbombidol The blast from this explosive item slowly envelops enemies. While lobbing it at random is effective, try taking advantage of the safe zone in the center of the blast. A versatile and deadly addition to any arsenal. Idol Toss, AR Card

Jump Bomb

366jumpbombidol This spring-shaped bomb knocks enemies straight into the sky. You can also use it to jump by throwing it at your feet, making it the rare item that can be used to enhance both attacks and movement. Idol Toss, AR Card

Boom Spear

367boomspearidol This fearsome attack item is armed with an explosive tip that unleashes a powerful blast after it skewers enemies. Its strong homing ability often helps it find a target even when the Boom Spear is thrown at random. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Bouncy Bomb

368bouncybombidol This bomb slowly bounces off surfaces. While it's unpredictable, a Bouncy Bomb keeps going after hitting walls, making it effective in closed-in spaces. Try sending it around blind corners as a precaution! Idol Toss, AR Card

Eggplant Bomb

369eggplantbombidol This bomb contains the essence of the Eggplant Wizard's dark magic. Victims of this item are temporarily transformed into eggplants. Once requiring a visit to the hospital to cure, this condition thankfully now wears off over time. Idol Toss, AR Card

Tempura Bomb

370tempurabombidol What's the worst thing about being turned into fried shrimp? Getting eaten? The embarrassment? Not being able to attack your foes? If the last one, watch out for the Tempura Bomb, because that's exactly what it does! Idol Toss, AR Card

Lightning of Judgment

371lightningofjudgmentidol It's said the lightning gods created the Lightning of Judgment as a way of blowing off a little steam. The item shoots spears of electricity, dealing damage to all enemies within its storm. Super effective in Solo and Together mode. Idol Toss, AR Card

Atlas Foot

372atlasfootidol Just as the Atlas Club was created to look like a giant's arm, the Atlas Foot item calls forth a gigantic foot that stomps the earth in front of its user, crushing enemies. Sadly, this item isn't the actual foot of the famous Atlas. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Poison Cloud

373poisoncloudidol The poison mist that billows from this magic urn comes from a noxious, lifeless swamp. While it's not flashy, it has a wide range, and anyone who steps in its putrescent fog will be assaulted by damaging toxins. Idol Toss, AR Card

Demon Vine

374demonvineidol This species of vine grows instantly, blocking creatures and attacks with its tangled tendrils. This makes Demon Vines perfect for erecting barriers to block foes and seal enemies off in corners. Idol Toss, AR Card


375daybreakidol This massive weapon is made of three parts that can fire a devastating shot when brought together. In Light vs. Dark, parts are shared by a team: whoever picks up the third part gets the Daybreak! Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Location Idols




How to Obtain

That First Town

376thatfirsttownidol The first town to be attacked by the resurrected Underworld Army. Despite the speed of Medusa's invasion, Pit and Palutena are able to protect the people from any major damage and defeat Twinbellows in their coliseum. Palutena's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Dark Lord Gaol's Castle

377darklordgaolscastleidol This hastily constructed castle acts as the base of operations for the Underworld Army's invasion of the surface world. Here Gaol is entrusted with the job of strategizing and dispatching forces across the land. Idol Toss, AR Card

That Burning Town

378thatburningtownidol This town is damaged during the Underworld Army's two-pronged assault on the surface world and Skyworld. It is in this city Pit fights the two remaining Hewdraw heads hiding since their last defeat. Idol Toss, AR Card

Reaper Fortress

379reaperfortressidol In the center of Reaper Valley sits this terrifying home of the Reapers and their leader, Great Reaper. Intended to be a central hub for spirits traveling to the Underworld, it has become a buffet of literal soul food for the hungry villain. Idol Toss, AR Card

Labyrinth of Deceit

380labyrinthofdeceitidol Ruled by Pandora, this confusing construct is where many Underworld soldiers are coming from. The Labyrinth of Deceit is hidden in a space pocket until the fall of the Great Reaper breaks its magic seal. Idol Toss, AR Card

Temple Ruins

381templeruinsidol This forgotten place of worship sets the stage for the showdown between Pit and Dark Pit. It's said that this once-beautiful temple fell to ruin when the civilization that built it was decimated by a terrible drought. Idol Toss, AR Card

Seafloor Palace

382seafloorpalaceidol Thanatos's high-security fortress at the bottom of the sea. It's connected to the Underworld, allowing forces to be sent to the surface via bubble transport. Poseidon helps Pit infiltrate the Seafloor Palace by parting the ocean. Idol Toss, AR Card

Space Pirate Ship

383spacepirateshipidol The Space Pirates use this spiffy ship to rob constellations as they travel the Galactic Sea. The blade on the bow cuts the constellation's cords, and the anchor snatches up the stars. Stored belowdecks, stars are sold or used for fuel. Idol Toss, AR Card

Underworld Castle

384underworldcastleidol This looming castle appears at the time of Medusa's arrival, eclipsing all in its shadow. The goddess of the Underworld calls this foul fortress her home, lurking behind impregnable walls guarded by the Underworld Gatekeeper. Idol Toss, AR Card

Phoenix Mountain

385phoenixmountainidol This mountain in the volcanic region is home to the legendary Phoenix. Human life can't survive in this area's blistering heat. In fact, only thanks to Palutena's power of cooling can Pit survive the harsh climate here. Idol Toss, AR Card

Reset Bomb Forest

386resetbombforestidol Reset Bombs were created by Viridi to wipe out mankind. The first to be dropped detonates directly above a war-ravaged battlefield. The skeletons of human structures could still be seen, overgrown by a web of branches. Idol Toss, AR Card

Reset Bomb Depot

387resetbombdepotidol The Reset Bomb Depot hovers in the air, creating Reset Bombs like a plant producing seeds. While there were once three Reset Bomb Depots, all are eventually destroyed by enemies of the goddess Viridi. Idol Toss, AR Card

Lunar Sanctum

388lunarsanctumidol A moon-inspired temple ruled by Arlon the Serene. Normally it acts like a new moon, hidden in the night sky. But when Palutena discovers it, it shines like a full moon, opening up to fire a devastating laser at Pit. Idol Toss, AR Card

Thunder Cloud Temple

389thundercloudtempleidol An electrically charged temple located in a storm. Although it's a perfect match for Phosphora, she's only a recent resident. The actual founder and original inhabitant of the Thunder Cloud Temple was a thunder god. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Island

390aurumislandidol The Aurum travel with vast floating islands like this one. Similar to how bees gather pollen, the Aurum harvest material from worlds to create even more islands. This gives each island a strange, patchwork look. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Hive

391aurumhiveidol This space base serves as a hive for Aurum battleships. The Aurum harvest resources from conquered worlds and deposit them in the Aurum Hive to be used in the production of the ships that guard the Aurum as they travel. Idol Toss, AR Card

Aurum Brain Fortress

392aurumbrainfortressidol This spacefaring fortress houses the Aurum Brain, which is responsible for controlling every aspect of the Aurum, from combat troops to floating islands. The fortress is extremely massive, housing formidable defenses. Idol Toss, AR Card

Decimated Town

393decimatedtownidol In the three years that Pit is imprisoned in the Ring of Chaos, this once-thriving town becomes a shadow of its former self. Until Pit's return, the stalemate between Viridi, the Underworld, and Palutena prevents all-out war. Idol Toss, AR Card

Destroyed Skyworld

394destroyedskyworldidol A ravaged Skyworld, laid defenseless after repeated assaults by the Underworld Army. While it could be restored to its original splendor, Palutena has delayed all repairs in favor of putting her minions on the front lines of battle. Idol Toss, AR Card

Palutena's Temple

395palutenastempleidol This Skyworld temple is the starting point for Pit's missions. Palutena's Temple is surrounded by a powerful force field that protects it from enemy attacks. The size of this force field can be adjusted, although it gets weaker the further it's stretched. Idol Toss, AR Card

Angel Cannon

396angelcannonidol A transport device used by the gods and capable of delivering all manner of objects over long distances with a single booming shot. The Angel Cannon launches Pit across the sky into the Lightning Chariot Base. Hades's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Lightning Chariot Base

397lightningchariotbaseidol Home to the Lightning Chariot, this realm exists in silence at the sky's end. In addition to its colossal tower, the Lightning Chariot Base also features broad courses used by the Chariot Master to make practice runs. Idol Toss, AR Card

The Chaos Vortex

398thechaosvortexidol The Chaos Vortex is the home of the vicious Chaos Kin. A bizarre dimension not governed by the physical laws of our world, one inch here is somehow a mile there. This mysterious tear in space is truly a glimpse into another world. Idol Toss, AR Card

Rewind Spring

399rewindspringidol Any creature that soaks in the Rewind Spring can roll back the effects of time. And at first glance it does seem like the spring reverses aging, thereby bestowing immortality. Yet those who stay for too long may find their entire lives erased. Idol Toss, AR Card

Hades's Belly

400hadessbellyidol Though called Hades's Belly, this strange place is in an entirely different dimension than Hades. So while it shares a link of sorts with the evil god, it seems that destruction inside the belly barely affects Hades himself. Viridi's Treasure Hunt, AR Card

Dyntos's Workshop

401dyntossworkshopidol The stronghold and workshop of Dyntos, the god of the forge. A variety of items are produced here, from weapons to vehicles. It's divided into red, green, and blue areas that can be reconfigured to meet a variety of needs. Idol Toss, AR Card

Final Battleground

402finalbattlegroundidol The site of the final battle between Pit and Hades. Beginning in the depths of the Underworld and ending in the Overworld, this climactic clash drives our hero to the breaking point. But when the curtain falls, Pit is victorious. Idol Toss, AR Card

Promotional Idols




How to Obtain

Pit (Rally Cry)

403pitrallycryidol Pit strikes this pose when trying to look cool, especially when yelling at Underworld fiends. He put so much time into creating it, even bosses are supportive of the effort. AR Card

Palutena (Rare)

404palutenarareidol Despite her reputation for wisdom and mercy, little is known about the history and motivations behind the goddess Palutena. What she lacks in military might, she makes up for in her brave champion, Pit. AR Card

Medusa (Rare)

405medusarareidol Hades reconstructed Medusa from countless souls woven around a core of pure hatred for Palutena. Oblivious to the true cause of her resurrection, Medusa sets out to take revenge and conquer the three worlds completely. Only obtainable through hacking.

Pit (Wingless)

406pitwinglessidol Pit suffers the mortal injury of losing his wings after exceeding the limits of the power of flight to rescue Dark Pit from deep within the Chaos Vortex. Almost reunited with Palutena after three years, fate keeps them apart. AR Card

Dark Pit (Flying)

407darkpitflyingidol Being Pit's copy, Dark Pit was originally incapable of flight. However, he gains the ability when he absorbs Pandora's remaining power into his wings. And while he may not need help flying, he still shares a bond with his counterpart. AR Card

Pit (Revived)

408pitrevivedidol Pit after the recovery of his wings in the Rewind Spring. To transport him there, Dark Pit has to first fly through the Underworld, finding the spring, which allows Palutena to transport Pit to that very same spot. AR Card

Magnus and Gaol

409magnusandgaolidol Years ago, Magnus and Gaol were friendly rivals, often working together as mercenaries, each competing to steal the other's glory. Dyntos gives them a chance to fight together again, testing Pit on his way to battle Hades. AR Card

Pit (Injured)

410pitinjuredidol Hades shatters the Great Sacred Treasure with one vicious clap. Pit takes the brunt of the damage, unable to rise and fight. Yet just as Hades moves to strike the final blow, an unlikely ally appears. AR Card

Pit (Victory)

411pitvictoryidol After Hades's ultimate destruction, Pit's exclamation of "Victory!" isn't inspired by the thrill of defeating his nemesis or the gratitude he feels for Palutena. Rather, it is a spontaneous expression of joy and relief. Only obtainable through scanning digital image.

Kid Icarus Float

412kidicarusfloatidol On August 4th, 2011, this float made its debut during a summer festival in the Aomori Prefecture of Japan. Reaching a height of almost 40 feet and weighing five tons, this float awed spectators with its depiction of Pit and Palutena. AR Card
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