Ninja Palm



Palm Mini Icon Palm


Short charge time
Quick projectiles
Increases user's speed


Poor damage output
Short range

The Ninja Palm (忍の破掌 Shinobu no Hashō, "Ninja Breaking Palm") is a palm that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Initially appearing as an orb, the Ninja Palm is a weapon that possesses black, armored plates with gold and red accents, along with Japanese symbols whirling around it, which transfers onto the user's arm once equipped.


Kid Icarus: Uprising

The Ninja Palm is a weapon the player can use in-game, which can be obtained as loot, through fusion, or by completing a challenge in Hades's Treasure Hunt that requires the player to acquire all palms.


Air Battle

Range Damage Hits
Continuous fire 64.3m 11.9
Charged shot 75.5m 63.3 1
Melee combo Strike 1: 63
Strike 2: 37.8
Strike 3: 71.4
Strike 4: —
Strike 5: —
Note: data was taken from a weapon with a base value of 100.

Land Battle

Range Min Damage Max Damage1 Hits
Continuous fire 23m Standing: 1.7 Standing: 2.4 30
26.4m Forward-dash: 4.2 Forward-dash: 6 5
24.7m Side-dash: 3.3 Side-dash: 4.7 5
23.8m Backward-dash: 4 Backward-dash: 5.7 5
Charged shot 31.5m Standing: 18.5 Standing: 26.4 1
40.8m Forward-dash: 27.4 Forward-dash: 39.2 1
37.4m Side-dash: 22.2 Side-dash: 31.7 1
28m Backward-dash: 21.6 Backward-dash: 30.9 1
Melee combo Strike 1: 21
Strike 2: 12.6
Strike 3: 23.8
Strike 4: —
Strike 5: —
Melee dash: 56 1
Note: data was taken from a weapon with a base value of 100.
1: This weapon deals more damage at close range.

Idol Description

Ninja Palm

A weapon with the soul of a dark assassin. It has a short charge time, fires fast-moving shots, and boosts speed and agility. It even excels at melee attacks! On the other hand, it lacks in power, range, and homing.

Weapon Fusion


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