Unaffiliated Mini Icon.png Unknown


King of the Evil Land


First Form
Rams into opponents
Fires three projectiles
Second Form
Stomps on foes
Shoots fireballs that split apart
Fires spines
Summons bats


Final Battle with Orcos


Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Orcos is the main antagonist and final boss of Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters.

Physical Appearance

Orcos is a humanoid monster with a mane, hairy limbs, and pointed ears. He also possesses fangs, claws, wings, and three horns atop his head.


Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

The secret enemy that attacked Angel Land in Palutena's dream. But, just what are the Orcos?!!!!!

— His Game Manual Description

Initially thought to be an entire army of demons, Orcos was foretold to destroy Angel Land in Palutena's dream. As such, Palutena summons Pit to begin training in preparation for the invasion.

After defeating all three fortress guardians, Pit is granted the Three Sacred Treasures by Palutena—however, Orcos suddenly appears, revealing himself to actually be a single entity. After introducing himself as the "king of the Evil Land," he turns the goddess of light to stone and informs Pit that he must defeat him in order to free Palutena. He then flies off to await Pit's arrival deep within the Sky Palace.

Once Pit arrives in the boss room, Orcos will begin to attack in his first form. His strategy in this form is simple: to lock onto Pit and attack by ramming into him or firing three projectiles at him.

Upon receiving enough damage, Orcos's size will increase dramatically and the fight will continue. His strategy has changed into a predictable pattern: he will attempt to stomp on Pit, shoot a fireball that splits into scattering projectiles, fire spines from his tail, and summon a swarm of bats from his hand.

Once Orcos has been defeated, Palutena will be restored, and she praises Pit for bringing peace back to their realm.



  • Orcos is likely based on Orcus, a Roman god of the Underworld who bears similarities to Hades of Greek mythology.
    • He may have also drawn inspiration from orcs and demons of fantasy and mythology.

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