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Rams into opponents
Inflicts foes with poison on contact

Phils (フィル Firu) are Underworld enemies that debuted in the original Kid Icarus under the name EelEye.

Physical Appearance

In the original Kid Icarus, the Phil is an orange, worm-like creature with a large blue eye and small wings to either side of its head.

In Uprising, it retains its former appearance with some minor differences—its body is now blue, its eye is red, and its wings are purple to match its underbelly.


Kid Icarus

The poisonous worm that lives in Collin's body. In spite of its puny body it has a huge eye and two feathers. Body checks are its special way of attacking.

— Its Game Manual Description

Found in the Skyworld stage, EelEyes always accompany Collins to fly horizontally around them and ram into opponents within range. Once the Collin has been defeated and its hearts have either been acquired or disappeared from the screen, any remaining EelEyes will disappear as well.

Despite its description in the game manual, it does not possess the ability to poison Pit.

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
1 2 1 0

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Similar to the original Kid Icarus, Phils are summoned by Collins in order to defend their hosts. Collins will launch Phils at nearby enemies, which inflict poison on contact.

Although they are technically invulnerable to all means of attack, melee attacks can be used to deflect them back at the Collin that summoned them.

Idol Description

Collin & Phil

Once soldiers in Palutena's army, Collins are now cursed to fly around firing the poisonous Phil bugs that live inside their bodies. They can be defeated by using melee attacks to knock Phils back at them.



  • Phil and Collin likely draw their names from musician Phil Collins, who is best known for both his extensive solo career and work in the band Genesis.

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