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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 10)


Guardian of the Wish Seed


His beak

The Immortal Phoenix (聖鳥フェニックス Hijiri Tori Fenikkusu, "Sacred Bird Phoenix") is a large, avian creature that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Acting as the guardian of the Wish Seed, he is the boss of Chapter 10.

Physical Appearance

The Phoenix is a large, green-feathered bird with puffy, pink skin on his cheeks and belly. He has axe-like blades protruding from his wings, legs, tail, back, and head, which match his metallic beak. He also has white lines running through his body, and hook-like talons.


Chapter 10: The Wish Seed

Pit travels to Phoenix Mountain in order to claim the Wish Seed before the Underworld Army can acquire it. Along the way, Palutena discovers that the Wish Seed is fake; however, she tells Pit to defeat the Phoenix regardless, as the Phoenix would be a threat to humanity if the Underworld Army sets him free.

Pit continues through the mountain until he stumbles across the Wish Seed, to which the Phoenix springs into action and attacks Pit. After the Phoenix's defeat, his body releases a phoenix-shaped beacon that alerts the humans of his absence, leading them to believe that the Wish Seed has been taken.

Chapter 24: The Three Trials

A replica of the Phoenix appears in one of Pit's trials, created by Dyntos to help test the angel's abilities.

Battle Style

The Phoenix circles the air above a large circular platform, occasionally landing or falling from the air if hit by Pit's attacks. His attacks include the ability to shoot orbs of fire at Pit, throw exploding rocks at him, fire a series of tornadoes at Pit, fire glowing shots at Pit, breathe fire on the battlefield, and set himself on fire and launch himself at Pit.

When he lands, he can produce shock waves which will also cause damage. Most attacks can easily be evaded if Pit dodges at the right moment, however, the fire-breathing attack and the tornado attack will need a lot more strategy to escape. There is also a jump pad at the center that can launch Pit into the air to avoid incoming attacks.

Min Health Max Health
351 1755

Idol Description

The Immortal Phoenix

A fiery bird born of magma that roosts within a volcano. The Phoenix vigilantly guards the Wish Seed, an object said to grant its owner's any desire. Only when the Phoenix falls can the Wish Seed be taken.


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