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Pit's Body



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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 18)

Pit's Body (ピットのからだ Pitto no Karada, "Pit's Body") is the soulless body of Pit that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Affiliated with the possessed version of Palutena, Pit's Body serves as the boss of Chapter 18.


Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos

After Pit discovers that his soul is trapped in a ring, he takes control of a dog's body and heads for the Decimated Town to investigate. When he arrives there, he spots his own body flying above the town and shooting at the residents below.

Once Pit gains control over Magnus's body, the two discuss the three years that passed during Pit's absence. As they converse, Pit and Magnus agree to defeat Pit's Body in order to free him from the Ring of Chaos.

When Pit finally arrives on a large platform, Pit's Body lands and engages him in battle. After his defeat, Magnus takes Pit's unconscious body and places the ring on his finger, causing the ring to break and giving Pit control over his own body once again.

Battle Style

Pit's Body fights exactly like Pit does when the latter wields a bow—he can use melee, ranged, dash, and charge attacks. As such, he is also capable of dodging and toppling over like Pit can in battle.

This fight is relatively straightforward: Pit's Body will take advantage of Magnus's melee-only battle style and keep a safe distance away, shooting at Pit with ranged attacks. The player must look for an opening and get in close enough to use melee attacks, which will slightly change Pit's Body's strategy. At this point, he will dodge out of the way and attempt to use more melee attacks; however, if Pit strikes him hard enough to send him flying across the stage, Pit's Body will go back to using ranged attacks until the player bridges the gap between them again.

Idol Description

Pit's Body

The Chaos Kin takes advantage of Pit's weakened state after his battle with the Aurum to seal his soul in a ring. Without a spirit to guide it, Pit's body is at the whim of the Chaos Kin, mindlessly rampaging for three years.


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