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Sky Jump

Sky Jump, a movement-type power.

Powers are a gameplay mechanic introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Available as loot through Treasure Boxes, Treasure Hunts, Rare Treasurefish, or completing a chapter, there are 62 different powers in total.


Powers are equippable items that grant special effects to the player during land battles, such as enhancing Pit's attributes or allowing him to perform unique attacks. Their icons rest on the lower left corner of the touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS, where they can be activated by touch or by pressing down on the D-pad.

Most powers have several different levels that can be obtained, with higher levels offering longer and more powerful effects. However, powers that have higher levels and stronger effects often take up large portions of the power board or are unusually shaped, making them more difficult to fit with other powers.

Power Board

Power Selection

Usable in both Solo Mode and Together Mode, powers appear as blocks in various shapes which can be placed on a six-by-six grid. The player can equip as many powers as they can fit on the grid, but no shape can overlap another or extend outside the grid.

The player can also select an autofill option, which enables whichever goddess they are currently cooperating with to fill in the empty spots in the grid with randomly-selected powers.


There are ten types of powers, each of which typically include many variations:

Name Type Effect Icon Max. Level
Sky Jump Movement Jump high into the air from where you're standing. Sky Jump 4
Jump Glide Movement Jump high into the air, then perform a glide. Jump Glide 4
Rocket Jump Movement Launch yourself upward with the force of a rocket. Rocket Jump 4
Angelic Missile Movement Transform into a missile that shoots in the direction you're facing. Angelic Missile 4
Super Speed Movement Run extremely fast and knock weakened foes into the air when you bump into them. Super Speed 4
Warp Movement

Warp from your current position.

(Together mode only.)

Warp 4
Idol Transformation Special Attack

Turn enemies with low health into idols.

(Solo mode only; Intensity 2.0 or higher.)

Idol Transformation 1
Mega Laser Special Attack Fire a massive laser. Mega Laser 4
Explosive Flame Special Attack Set off a massive explosion. Explosive Flame 4
Black Hole Special Attack Create a black hole that pulls enemies toward it. (Together mode only.) Black Hole 4
Meteor Shower Special Attack Release a deluge of shooting stars. Meteor Shower 3
Land Mine Special Attack Plant an invisible bomb on the ground. Land Mine 3
Reflect Barrier Special Attack Create a barrier that reflects shots. Reflect Barrier 4
Heavenly Light Special Attack Unleash a light that hurts approaching enemies. Heavenly Light 4
Spite Special Attack Convert all remaining health into a powerful explosion. (Together mode only.) Spite 4
Autoreticle Attack Enhance Target enemies automatically when attacking. Autoreticle 3
Weak-Point Reticle Attack Enhance Target enemies' weak points automatically when attacking. (Solo mode only.) Weak-Point Reticle 3
Quick Charge Attack Enhance Charge up shots immediately. Quick Charge 4
Homing Boost Attack Enhance Improve the homing ability of shots. Homing Boost new 3
Slip Shot Attack Enhance Fire shots that pass through walls. Slip Shot 3
Invisible Shots Attack Enhance Make the shots you fire invisible. Invisible Shots 3
Random Effect Attack Enhance Adds a random effect to attacks, such as poison, paralysis, shaking, freezing, etc. Random Effect 4
Poison Attack Attack Enhance Posions foes with attacks. Poison Attack 3
Paralyze Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict paralysis on a foe, which can stop its movement and make dodging harder. Paralyze Attack 3
Weaken Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a weakened status on a foe, which halves its maximum health. (Together mode only.) Weaken Attack 3
Petrify Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict petrification on a foe, which makes it unable to move. Petrify Attack 3
Shake Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a shaking status on a foe, so it has a harder time aiming. (Together mode only.) Shake Attack 3
Confuse Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a confused status on a foe, which makes it move and shoot unpredictably. Confuse Attack 3
Burn Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a burned status on a foe, which causes ongoing damage faster than poison. Burn Attack 3
Freeze Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a frozen status on a foe, which makes it unable to move. Freeze Attack 3
Instant Death Attack Attack Enhance Attacks have a chance of killing a foe instantly. (Solo mode only.) Instant Death Attack 3
Spin Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a turning status on a foe, which impairs its orientation. (Together mode only.) Spin Attack 3
Eggplant Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict an eggplant status on a foe, which makes it unable to attack. (Together mode only.) Eggplant Attack 3
Tempura Attack Attack Enhance Attacks inflict a tempura status on a foe, which makes it unable to attack. (Together mode only.) Tempura Attack 3
Power Thief Attack Enhance Melee attacks have a chance of stealing the victim's unused powers. (Together mode only.) Power Thief 4
Energy Charge Attack Enhance Build up energy and increase the power of your attacks. Taking damage nullifies this effect. Energy Charge 4
Libra Sponge Attack Enhance Use attacks recieved to increase the strength of your own attacks. Libra Sponge 4
Darkness Debuff Turns foes blind. (Together mode only.) Darkness 4
Interference Debuff Plant a beacon that disrupts enemies' ability to trigger powers and see your stats. (Together mode only.) Interference 3
Virus Debuff Weaken and paralyze nearby foes. (Together mode only.) Virus 3
Super Armor Ability Enhance Increases defensive strength and prevent getting knocked back when receiving damage. Super Armor 4
Brief Invincibility Ability Enhance Completely protect yourself from enemy attacks. Brief Invincibility 3
Tirelessness Ability Enhance Run continuously without tiring. Tirelessness 3
Lightweight Ability Enhance Increases movement speed and prevents tiring out in exchange for taking more damage when hit. Lightweight 4
Trade-off Ability Enhance Use nearly all health to increase all attributes. The duration depends on how much health you have. Trade-off 4
Aries Armor Ability Enhance Reduces damage recieved, and prevents status effects and getting knockback. Aries Armor 4
Bumblebee Special Effect Dodges all attacks by vanishing and circling around the enemy in an instant. Bumblebee 3
Counter Special Effect Avoid getting knocked back and automatically counter attacks when hit by enemy attacks. Counter 3
Transparency Special Effect Turn transparent, making you invisible to enemies. Transparency 4
Playing Dead Special Effect Fool enemies into thinking you're finished, then turn invisible, making attacks pass through you. Playing Dead 3
Heart Booster Special Effect Increase the number of hearts recieved when you defeat enemies. (Solo mode only.) Heart Booster 4
Health Recovery Recovery Recover a little health. Health Recovery 4
Crisis Recovery Recovery Recover instantly from Crisis mode. (Solo mode only.) Crisis Recovery 3
Effect Recovery Recovery Dispel effects like poison or paralysis. Effect Recovery 3
Pisces Heal Recovery Heal by taking attacks that would normally finish you. Pisces Heal 4
Item Vacuum Item Draw items toward you. (Together mode only.) Item Vacuum 4
Throwing Boost Item Increase the homing ability and distance of thrown items. Throwing Boost 3
Double Item Item Doubles the effects of items acquired. Double Item 4
Fortune's Jukebox Miscellaneous Change the game music randomly. Fortune's Jukebox 2
Celestial Firework Miscellaneous Celebrate Lady Palutena by launching a firework into the air Celestial Firework 2
Random Miscellaneous Activate a random power. You won't know which one it will be until you use it. Random 4
Mystery Unknown This power is so mysterious, it can't be equipped! Mysteryicon 1


  • When powers are used in Solo Mode, there is a random chance that Pit will shout the name of whichever goddess is assisting him during that chapter.
    • This also applies to Dark Pit during the boss battle in Chapter 22, only he will shout "Come on!" or "Take this!" instead.

Powers in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Action Sky JumpJump GlideRocket JumpAngelic MissileSuper SpeedWarp
Attack Idol TransformationMega LaserExplosive FlameBlack HoleMeteor ShowerLand MineReflect BarrierHeavenly LightSpite
Strengthen AutoreticleWeak-Point ReticleQuick ChargeHoming BoostSlip ShotInvisible ShotsRandom EffectPoison AttackParalyze AttackWeaken AttackPetrify AttackShake AttackConfuse AttackBurn AttackFreeze AttackInstant Death AttackSpin AttackEggplant AttackTempura AttackPower ThiefEnergy ChargeLibra Sponge
Debuff DarknessInterferenceVirus
Buff Super ArmorBrief InvincibilityTirelessnessLightweightTrade-offAries Armor
Support BumblebeeCounterTransparencyPlaying DeadHeart Booster
Recovery Health RecoveryCrisis RecoveryEffect RecoveryPisces Heal
Item Item VacuumThrowing BoostDouble Item
Miscellaneous Fortune's JukeboxCelestial FireworkRandom
Unknown Mystery

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