The Protective Crystals are a pair of twin crystals that rotate quickly around Pit, providing a physical barrier that damages enemies who dare to approach the angel. Each crystal deals damage equal to Pit's current strength. This item takes the shape of a wand, which is presumably what summons and maintains the crystals. This item is earned in a Sacred Training Chamber. Despite it's usefulness, quick enemies can still slip between the crystals and damage Pit. This is an auxiliary defensive weapon, not suited for direct attacks. If stolen, this item will inevitably turn up with the Black Marketeer.

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Kid Icarus

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If it's stolen by a Pluton or Pluton Fly, Pit can purchase this for 700 Hearts. Like the Fire Arrow and Sacred Bow, this item doesn't work in a Fortress. Also as with the other two weapons, the first weapon will Pit collects will activate when he reaches two bars of life, the second, three bars, and the third, four bars. Activation of a weapon is completely dependent on the order Pit collects the weapons. It won't work in a Fortress.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

A Black Marketeer will sell this for 300 Hearts if a Sticky Talon steals it. The crystals require four full life bars to activate; like the other two weapons in this adventure, they'll deactivate if Pit's health descends below four bars.

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Protective Crystals bear a strong resemblance to the Orbitars.

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