Rail Cannon
Railgun Cannon.png
"The Rail Cannon fires small rounds at high speeds with the greatest range of any cannon..."
Vital statistics
Weapon Type Cannon Mini Icon.png Cannon
Range Strength Unaffected
Strongest Attack Melee Dash Attack

The Rail Cannon is a Cannon introduced in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Its charged shots are fast and small, exploding with a large blast radius. Continuous fire involves a tight line of smaller projectiles in rapid succession with little homing ability, requiring considerable accuracy. It is essentially a sniper-cannon, as it specializes in long-distant attacks. The range of this Cannon is formidable, even when compared to other Cannons; forward-dash charged shots can reach targets up to 73m away.

Idol Description

The Rail Cannon fires small rounds at high speeds with the greatest range of any cannon, and it has continuous fire that unleashes projectiles in very tight clusters. It's a solid choice for those accurate enough to pick off enemies from afar.


Max Shot Distances

Standing Continuous: 43.2

Standing Charged: 63.0

Forward Dash Continuous: 45.6

Forward Dash Charged: 73.5

Side Dash Continuous: 45.6

Side Dash Charged: 69.0

Backward Dash Continuous: 45.6

Backward Dash Charged: 52.5

Base Melee Damage

Combo Strike 1: 14.4

Combo Strike 2: 7.2

Combo Strike 3: 22.7

Dash Strike

While slashing: 7.2 each slash

Final strike: 28.8

Overall: 50.4

Ranged Damage Ratio

Standing Continuous: 4.3 per round

Standing Charged: 36.1

Forward Dash Continuous: 9.0 per round

Forward Dash Charged: 49.7

Side Dash Continuous: 6.0 per round

Side Dash Charged: 43.7

Backward Dash Continuous: 9.0 per round

Backward Dash Charged: 27.8

Note: All data are from the basic weapon valued of 100.

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