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Reset Bomb Depot



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 12)

The Reset Bomb Depot (初期化爆弾要塞 Shokka Bakudan Yōsai, "Initialization Bomb Fortress") is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 12, it serves as a natural factory that produces Reset Bombs.


Chapter 12: Wrath of the Reset Bomb

While Viridi threatens to launch another Reset Bomb onto the Overworld, Palutena decides to focus her efforts on the source of the problem—the Reset Bomb Depot. She then sends Pit to the structure, where he must travel through the exterior and interior of the depot.

Pit eventually arrives in a room where he encounters the heart of the factory, the Reset Bomb Pod. Palutena orders him to destroy it, but Viridi swiftly summons her Forces of Nature Guards to defend it.

Despite their efforts, Pit prevails in his efforts to defeat the pod, which causes the depot to explode and destroy everything within it.

Idol Description

Reset Bomb Depot

The Reset Bomb Depot hovers in the air, creating Reset Bombs like a plant producing seeds. While there were once three Reset Bomb Depots, all are eventually destroyed by enemies of the goddess Viridi.


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