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Ring of Chaos



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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 18)

The Ring of Chaos (混沌の指輪 Konton no Yubiwa, "Ring of Chaos") is an object that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. Appearing in Chapter 18, it is a cursed ring used by the Chaos Kin in order to seal Pit's soul away.

Physical Appearance

The Ring of Chaos is a golden ring that automatically adjusts its size to fit its wearer. Its surface bears red, cursed runes, while the inside contains stylized etchings of two sleeping angels.


Chapter 18: The Ring of Chaos

In the wake of the Aurum invasion, the Chaos Kin takes control of Palutena's body and uses her powers to seal Pit's soul inside of the Ring of Chaos.

Three years later, Pit regains consciousness when a little girl picks up the ring and places it on her finger, giving Pit control over her movements. However, the girl trips and drops the ring, causing a stray dog to happen upon it and pick it up instead. Using the dog's body, Pit rushes through the Decimated Town and finds Magnus, to which Pit hops onto the man's shoulders and urges him to take the ring. Though Magnus initially seems to comply, he tosses the ring behind him and goes to walk away, but has a change of heart when he turns back, picks the ring up, and puts it on after all.

Now having control over Magnus's body, Pit continues through the Decimated Town, conversing with Magnus about the state of humanity during the three years Pit was absent for. Along the way, the two agree to find and defeat Pit's Body in order to free Pit from the Ring of Chaos.

Once Pit's Body is defeated, Magnus crouches down and places the ring on Pit's finger, causing it to shatter and reuniting Pit's soul with his body once again.

Idol Description

Ring of Chaos

The Chaos Kin uses the Ring of Chaos to capture Pit's soul. But while the cursed runes on its surface prevent Pit's escape, he is able to use sheer willpower to gain control of anyone who wears the ring.


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