The Sacred Bow is an enhancement to Pit's normal Bow. With this weapon, Pit's arrows fly much farther and faster, though he can still only have one in the air before nocking another. He must be careful to avoid shooting enemies too far afield, lest he be unable to collect their Hearts. Pit can earn this weapon in a Sacred Training Chamber.

Other weapons:


Kid Icarus

Sacred Bow

Should Pit lose this weapon to a Pluton or Pluton Fly, he can buy it back from a Black Marketeer for 500 Hearts. As with the other two weapons, the first weapon will Pit collects will activate when he reaches two bars of life, the second, three bars, and the third, four bars. Activation of a weapon is completely dependent on the order Pit collects the weapons. The dark magic of a Fortress disables this weapon temporarily.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

If a Sticky Talon steals this from Pit, a Black Marketeer will be sure to have it in his shop for 300 Hearts. This weapon requires three full life bars to activate; like the other two weapons in this adventure, they'll deactivate if Pit's health descends below three bars.

Kid Icarus:Uprising

The Sacred Bow appears as an unlockable prize, but rather than be given the bow outright you are able to make them. If a player completes Chapter 24 in 11 minutes or less, the player is rewarded a Treasure Hunt prize allowing the player to create this weapon in Weapon Fuse. In this game, it is instead called the Palutena's Bow.

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