Not to be confused with the Sacred Training Chamber.
Sacred Chamber




The Sacred Chamber (神様の部屋 Kamisama no Heya, "God's Room") is a location that was introduced in the original Kid Icarus.


Kid Icarus

A friendly god will give Pit arrows to increase his fighting power depending on how well Pit has been fighting.

— Its Game Manual Description

The Sacred Chamber appears twice in the Underworld, three times on the Overworld, and once in Skyworld. It does not appear in any fortresses.

Should Pit gain enough experience on his journey, Zeus will appear and grant him an arrow to increase his strength; however, the room will remain empty if Pit fails to meet these requirements or has already obtained all five arrows.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

If Pit strives hard on his mission up to the Sacred Chamber, he will receive the gift of a Power Arrow from Zeus.

— Its Game Manual Description

The Sacred Chamber appears twice in the Underworld and Overworld, and three times in Skyworld. Like in the original Kid Icarus, it does not appear in any fortresses.

This room functions the same as it did in the previous installment, only now Pit can acquire more than five arrows.


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