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The Sacred Training Chamber is a place where Pit can face "harsh training" in order to prove himself worthy of wielding one of three powerful weapons. Zeus will rain down Monoliths to attack him. Should Pit survive the onslaught and dispatch most of the foes, Zeus will allow him to pick up one of these weapons:

Pit cannot collect the same weapon twice, but he can win them back if they've been stolen by a Pluton, Pluton Fly, or Sticky Talon instead of buying them back from an unscrupulous Black Marketeer.


Kid Icarus

The Monoliths fall down from the top on the screen and rain downwards in random directions, though they mostly end up near the middle of the platform. Though their swarming may look familiar, they're a bit more erratic than the standard swarming tactic. Pit can move to the left or right side of the platform (above the door is safest) and prepare to shoot any incoming Monoliths.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Monoliths adopt a different swarming pattern here. There isn't a safe spot here, and the challenge is tougher, but shorter.

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