Shulms (シュルム Shurumu) are fungi monsters that originated from the damp, dark carverns of the Underworld.

200px-Shulm final
Affiliation Underworld
Appearances Kid Icarus: Uprising
Attack(s) When hit by a ranged attack, it releases a toxic cloud that inflicts the poison status
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These creatures are among the less threatening members of Medusa's army, although they can also be quite poisonous. They first appear in Chapter 2, but Palutena explains what they are in Chapter 3.


The Shulm is one of the slowest monsters of the Underworld due to its disproportionately large head and small, stubby legs. Although its body looks like a mushroom, the head is actually a biological sack that contains hundreds of poisonous spores that can potentially cause fungal infections or temporarily poison its victims. Some of these spores have been known to sprout and grow on the head of the Shulm itself, making it a sort of host to its own defense mechanism. In early years, Shulms rarely used their poisonous capabilities, making them easy pickings for Pit's Bow. However, since the revival of Medusa, they can now put their abilities to full use and release the spores within their bodies if struck hard enough with a projectile attack.


Kid Icarus

"A really gloomy creature that lives in dark, wet places in the fortresses. It gives out really poisonous spores from its body and robs its enemies of lives."

These mushroom-like foes are found in the Overworld's Fortress. They are slow, trudging enemies and are a minimal threat despite their relatively high durability. They also come in two variations:

Blue Shulm

Shulm sprite2
Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
3 1 1 100

Red Shulm

Hit Points Damage Hearts Score (Experience)
8 2 5 300

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Shulm art2
Shulms can now explode and expel poison when hit with projectile attacks. Because of this, melee attacks or striking from afar is necessary to defeat Shulms without taking damage. Their explosive capabilities are similar to those of Minos.

Idol Description

Poisonous Underworld fungus that spews noxious gas. Its spores thrive in dank places, causing Shulms to grow like crazy. Don't let its meek appearance fool you!


  • Shulms bear a striking resemblence to the well-known Goomba enemy from Super Mario Bros., though jumping on them actually hurts Pit.

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