Skuttler Cannoneer
Skuttler Cannoneer
Affiliation Underworld Mini Icon Underworld
Appearances Kid Icarus: Uprising
Attack(s) Launches slow-moving missiles with homing abilities, fires fast-moving lasers with no homing ability
Weakpoint(s) {{{Weakpoint(s)}}}
Skuttler Cannoneers are a different type of Skuttler. These Skuttlers prefer to attack from a distance and carry a large cannon over their right shoulder. Although this variety of Skuttler runs slowly, unlike its red-eyed cousins, it actually has tremendous jumping ability. The cannons that they carry can launch both fast-moving lasers and slow-moving missiles that can home in on enemies. Due to the heavy weight of these weapons, this version of Skuttler can potentially lose its balance if attacked in quick succession. This variant is discernible by its single green eye with a cross-shaped pupil. This Skuttler is just as clumsy, if not clumsier, as its standard counterpart. It may fail to fire, and when it does, it looks into its cannon to see what the problem is, then accidentally blows itself up.

Types of Skuttlers


Skuttler Mage

Suit of Skuttler


Skuttlers are extremely violent creatures that prefer to roam the dreary halls of Gaol's Castle. Although there are three variants of this monster, they all share many similar characteristics, including a dark purple skin tone and a large white head with cross-bones printed on it.This Skuttler has a large cannon on its right shoulder and has a eye that has been upgraded for better aim.

Idol Description

These Skuttlers have been equipped with a cannon, earning them a whole extra word on their title. Their single eyes have been upgraded to improve their aim, although they're still not very accurate compared to other enemies.


  • Skuttlers are likely named after the members of scuttling gangs that formed during the late 1900s. The fact that these creatures are among the few that can attack with a melee weapon, as well as the symbolic cross-bones on their heads further prove their similarity to scuttler groups.

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