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The story of Pit, our angelic hero.

— Its In-Game Description
Solo Mode



Solo Menu
Solo Menu (Viridi)

Solo Mode (シングルプレイ Shinguru Purei, "Single Play") is the dedicated single player mode of Kid Icarus: Uprising, containing a total of 25 playable chapters through which the game's story takes place.

It also features an additional chapter in the form of its Boss Battle mode, which can be unlocked after completing Chapter 25.


Within this menu, players can access chapters, the Practice Range, the Arms Altar, Idol Toss, Treasure Hunt, and the weapons and powers they currently possess. Proceeding to the "Move Out!" section will show players any of their available chapters, as well as their high scores for every stage.

While a pair of green laurels will appear over chapter banners upon completion, a pair of golden laurels will only appear once the player has uncovered every Intensity Gate, Zodiac Chamber, and Treasure Box within that chapter.

Physical Appearance

For the majority of Uprising, the Solo Mode menu takes places within Palutena's Temple. The interior of the temple contains architectural designs, with doors to the left and right of the player (containing the Practice Range and Arms Altar, respectively), and a staircase made of light leading out the front door in the center.

Between chapters 19 and 21, however, the location shifts to one of Viridi's residences due to Palutena's absence. The interior of her palace is orange and overgrown with foliage, but is otherwise structured similarly to Palutena's Temple.

Once Chapter 25 has been completed, players can freely choose between both Solo Mode menu styles by selecting either one in the Hidden Options menu.



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