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Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 8)


Leader of the Space Pirates

The Space Pirate Captain (星賊船長 Hoshi Zoku Senchō, lit. "Star Thief Captain") is an antagonist who debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Appearing in Chapter 8, he commands the Space Pirates and operates the Space Pirate Ship.

Physical Appearance

The Space Pirate Captain stands at a height of 6'8" (203 cm[1]), and similar to other Space Pirates, he possesses a red, armor-like exoskeleton, which is ornately trimmed with gold. This armor serves to protect the glowing interior of his body, with his organic limbs visible between segments. The center of his armor also has what appears to be a face, featuring a single left eye and a mouth piece with two slits built in to allow for vocal communication.


Chapter 8: The Space-Pirate Ship

In his quest to defeat Medusa, Pit must obtain the Three Sacred Treasures once again. However, Palutena informs Pit that she had previously hidden the treasures inside star constellations to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, she also reveals that the Space Pirates have stolen the constellations the treasures were hidden in, and that the Underworld Army has caught wind of this and seeks to obtain the treasures for themselves. This leads Pit to his next mission: to infiltrate the Space Pirate Ship and retrieve the Three Sacred Treasures.

As Pit travels through the Space Pirate Ship, he can hear the faint sound of unintelligible shouting. He heads toward the noise and arrives on the ship deck, where he finds the Space Pirate Captain shouting orders. As Pit and Palutena discuss what he may be saying, tentacles suddenly emerge from underneath the ship, which grab the Captain and toss him into the mouth of a giant space Kraken. The Captain is not seen again after the Kraken is defeated.

Idol Description

Space Pirate Captain

The leader of the Space Pirates. Although weaker than his shipmates, the Captain—his true name impossible for human tongues to pronounce—somehow managed to take charge through sheer bossiness. Thus, he's not very popular.



  • According to his Idol description, his true name is actually impossible for humans to pronounce, thus he is simply referred to as the "Space Pirate Captain."



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