Kid icarus uprising conceptart PWuob.jpg
Affiliation Underworld
Appearances Kid Icarus: Uprising
Attack(s) Energy beam

Stackjaw (ポーラヘッド Pooraheddo, "Polerhead") is a totem pole-like monster that has a green top with two eyes, and numerous rotating segments beneath it. Each of these segments has an angry, open mouth lined with human-like teeth, giving it a rather obscure appearance.


Kid Icarus: Uprising

Stackjaw is a brand new enemy featured in Kid Icarus: Uprising. They are first encountered during the Land Battle of Chapter 3, and prove to be one of the game's more challenging enemies.


Physical Appearance

Despite appearing rather large in combat, the actual soft body of a Stackjaw is quite small and sits within the top segment of its tower. It seems reptilian in nature, having green scales and large wide eyes. It also has a metallic fin jutting out from its top, a feature that is shared with the segments beneath it. Each of these segments seem to be completely metallic, aside from the mouth at the front of each one. In addition, each piece is blue in coloration with a golden framework, where it also has golden spikes sticking out on each side of the mouth.

Combat Strategy

The creature normally hides underground with only its green head, eyes, and top fin visible. However, when Pit draws near, its deceptively small body will quickly rise out of the ground and tower above him. A Stackjaw usually has four segments aside from its green head, three of which rotate and shoot energy beams out of their mouths. This effectively creates a rotating wall of energy that can reach extremely far from its position. In order to defeat it, Pit must destroy each of its segments, causing its green head to drop lower with each one obliterated. Once a Stackjaw's head is at its lowest segment, the entire creature can be defeated. However, shooting at its head when it's supported by more than one segment will have no effect on it. In addition, the head itself is capable of a projectile attack that is aimed directly at Pit.

Idol Description

Stackjaws are bizarre creatures whose bodies resemble totem poles. They fire lasers in a 360-degree radius and can't be beaten unless you take out their topmost portion. But be careful: they get more powerful as they get shorter.


  • Stackjaw is likely based on the Totem enemy from the original Kid Icarus.
    • In addition, Stackjaw has many similarities to Gamyga, an enemy from the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They are somewhat similar in appearance, both resembling totem poles and having four rotating segments in addition to their heads.
  • Stackjaw's name may be a play on the word "lockjaw," a medical condition in which the mouth is held shut due to muscle spasms along the jaw bone.
  • The less sections of the body Stackjaw has, the more powerful the blast that comes from the top of the head becomes.

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