Stores are common in Angel Land, and Pit will come across several in each area. The merchant in each store will have three things available for purchase, and purchasing an item will cause the shopkeeper to randomly rotate their stock. Merchants not encountered in Fortresses will close their doors as soon as Pit leaves, but Fortress merchants must leave their doors open, making them a great place to stock up on supplies. A Fortress merchant won't appear if Pit's been cursed.


Kid Icarus


The following items are commonly encountered in shops:

There are three different configurations:

Water of Life (bottle), Mallet, Feather.
Water of Life (glass), Water of Life (bottle), Feather
Water of Life (glass), Mallet, Feather

In a Fortress, merchants also sell:

There are two different configurations:

Pencil, Water of Life (glass), Torch.
Water of Life (glass), Mallet, Water of Life (bottle).


This secret isn't mentioned in the manual, but it's well-known despite that. By pressing A+B on controller 2, Pit attempts to intimidate the shopkeeper into reducing his prices. If his strength is above the stage number where the shop is located, the shopkeeper will reduce his prices (for example, Pit needs a Strength of 4 to intimidate a shopkeeper in Stage 3). Otherwise, the shopkeeper will get angry and raise his prices. However, the shopkeeper's prices don't technically raise until after he's done speaking. Thus, a quick Pit can snag an item for the normal price if negotiations fail. The Black Marketeer will not fall for this.

Black Marketeer

Black Marketeer.gif

The Black Marketeer sells items stolen by Plutons and Pluton Flies. In addition to weapons (which won't appear unless they've been stolen), Water Barrels are unique finds here. However, everything else is overpriced. Once a single purchase has been made, the Black Marketeer closes up shop.

Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters

Merchant's stock can be rotated by pressing down on the control pad.

The following items are commonly encountered in shops:

In a Fortress, merchants also sell:

Black Marketeer

It's possible to intimidate the Black Marketeer by pressing Left+Down+A+B, but failure doubles the prices. It's also the only place to acquire a Water Barrel and any weapons stolen by a Sticky Talon.

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