Temple en ruines

The Temple Ruins serves as the location for the Land Battle of Chapter 6 of Kid Icarus: Uprising.

From the central area, which has four different paths, a single Underworld enemy (mainly a Mik) will wander off towards one of the paths. That will indicate the location to where Dark Pit is. Dark Pit will be using one out of four possible weapons:

  • At the alter, Dark Pit will be equipped with an EZ Cannon, while a few Underworld forces, such as Skuttlers, will attack both the angels.
  • At an open field, Dark Pit will be equipped with a Violet Palm, with Underworld forces around. There's also a Cherubot in the area that Pit can use to his advantage.
  • Dark Pit will use an Ogre Club if encountered at the underground area. There will be a few Underworld troops around the area above ground, but not below, allowing the two angels to fight without interference. (After Dark Pit is defeated in this area, look around for a hidden corridor that leads to a Zodiac Chamber with the Gemini Orbitars.)
  • Dark Pit will stand on top of an area of higher ground, where he'll use a Dark Pit Staff to snipe Pit from a long range. Pit himself must pass through Underworld forces, including a Merenguy, in order to attack.
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