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That First Town



Kid Icarus: Uprising (Chapter 1)




That First Town

That First Town (最初の街 Saisho no Machi, "The First Town") is a location that debuted in Kid Icarus: Uprising. First appearing in Chapter 1, it is a town located on the Overworld.

Physical Appearance

That First Town is situated in the center of a lush grassland, surrounded by many hills, mountains, and lakes. There are also several farmlands just beyond the town's outskirts, which can easily be seen as Pit flies by.

The town itself is relatively flat and bordered with a small wall, with main entrances on the eastern and western ends of the settlement. A river runs just beyond the north-eastern wall, and likely serves as the main water source for the townsfolk. Within the town itself are many small buildings, statues, and a fountain near the town's center, though its most notable feature is the large coliseum which overlooks the entire area.


Chapter 1: The Return of Palutena

After Pit learns of Medusa's resurrection, he pursues Underworld troops down to the surface world, only to discover that the Underworld Army has begun attacking a nearby town. Palutena, wishing to help the humans living there, controls Pit's fly route to bring him closer to the scene. As Pit flies overhead, the local residents begin to cheer in celebration over Palutena's return. This strengthens Palutena's resolve to protect them, and so she sends Pit down into the town to help out in whatever way he can.

Once Pit lands, he begins to fight Underworld troops in an effort to save the townsfolk. However, as he makes his way through the town, a giant fireball lands nearby and rushes toward the coliseum at the town's edge. Palutena then informs Pit that Medusa has just unleashed an evil beast on the town, and urges him to head for the coliseum in pursuit. When Pit arrives, he's confronted with Twinbellows. After the two engage in battle, Pit manages to defeat him, leaving the town safe from Underworld forces once again.

Chapter 9: Medusa's Final Battle

A fake version of That First Town appears alongside a fake version of Twinbellows, both created by Medusa.

Idol Description

That First Town

The first town to be attacked by the resurrected Underworld Army. Despite the speed of Medusa's invasion, Pit and Palutena are able to protect the people from any major damage and defeat Twinbellows in their coliseum.


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