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Forums are gone

The Forum retirement plan has arrived. Forums are gone. I just came to this wiki basically to share an idea I had (despite me not really being a Kid Icarus fan. I know I love Pit in Smash Bros. [Palutena’s Guidance] And played as Palutena a lot), and it doesn’t have discussions.

I think it’s possible to add discussions, though

I just wanted to tell you about this since you’re a staff member (since I’m new to this wiki and there isn’t a guide to staff as far as I know, I just thought I’d tell you this)

Otherwise, I’ll probably have to settle for the next best thing (Smashipedia)


Hello! So basically you're saying that you want us to add the Discussions feature to this wiki? We still have Forums, albeit it's very old-school, and no one uses it. If you're suggesting us to add Discussions, I'll consider it while getting a couple more opinions from the staff. By the way, the staff list can be accessed via the top navigation bar > Community > Admins, or you can see here.
Mars ★Marth Marthdouble lord sword 01:40:30|January 08, 2020
I already tried accessing forums, including through that (I had found it already). There’s nothing there. You said it yourself: this wiki doesn’t use forums often. Wikis that have active forums get to keep them until April, but the others loose them this month and I’m pretty sure it already happened judging by the Forum Index not having anything in it. So basically it’s going to be impossible to make any kind of post unless Discussions are added.
Here is a blog post about the plan, in case it’s helpful for explaining this:
I hate that this had to happen. I’m pretty sure a lot of people agree with me. If better be worth it to update fandom or whatever that was. I swear
It seems like the Forums haven't been retired yet for our wiki. There never really was anything in the index itself. The threads were all just here. But anyway, thank you for the source. Since Fandom will automatically replace the Forums with Discussions once the full update rolls in, we can just wait for it to happen. Alternatively, if you would like Discussions to enabled as soon as possible, I can contact Fandom staff to see if they can have the feature implemented for us sooner (admins were able to turn this on or off at will when it used to be under the Wiki Features that admins could access, but unfortunately, at some point, they took it out, which I was aware of, and now I have to contact them if we want it enabled before the official update).
Mars ★Marth Marthdouble lord sword 04:53:34|January 08, 2020
Ok, but I still don’t know how to actually get to the forums. I’ve tried

Update: never mind I can find them how. I’m not sure why but before I couldn’t.

New Wiki Manager

Hello, Hero King Marth! My name is SlyCooperFan1 (call me Sly!) and I'm the new Wiki Manager for your wiki, replacing Technobliterator as he can no longer continue the position. I act as a liaison between this community and Fandom Staff and I'm here to provide assistance wherever needed, so please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! SlyCooperFan1 [message · contributions] 22:10, February 22, 2020 (UTC)

Hi, Sly! Pleased to meet you. I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
Marth ★Marth Marthdouble lord sword 06:16:21|February 23, 2020
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