Artwork of Pit with the First Blade.

Weapons are a basic gameplay mechanic in Kid Icarus: Uprising, used for battling foes. The player will be given a First Blade when they start the game, and will unlock weapons as they progress. There are twelve different weapons under each weapon category, giving Uprising a total of 108 unique weapons.

Types of Weapons

There are nine different categories of weapons, each of which can perform a Special Attack. All weapons are able to perform melee, ranged, dash and charge attacks.

  • Blades - Balanced weapons that are good for both ranged and melee.
  • Staffs - Resembling sniper rifles, the shots from these weapons gain power over a distance. However, they have poor melee ability and do not home in on the target.
  • Claws - Claws worn on both hands, which boost the user's speed. Their melee attack can be chained five times, but they have poor ranged ability.
  • Bows - Weapons that shoot fast homing arrows that do decent damage. They split into two blades for melee attacks.
  • Palms - Taking the form of a glowing tattoo around Pit's hand, this weapon shoots shock-waves of energy towards enemies. While they have excellent homing and rapid-fire capabilities, they have poor range.
  • Clubs - Massive weapons that have immense power in their melee attacks. They can chain a maximum of two melee attacks, and their charged shots can pierce walls and obstructions.
  • Cannons - Large guns that Pit wields on his arm, they weigh enough to slow him down in battle. However, its shots bounce off walls and floors, and can hit multiple enemies with their explosions.
  • Orbitars - Two floating orbs that have a very high shot rate. They fire two energy shots at multiple foes, or one shot at a single foe.
  • Arms - Bulky devices that Pit wields over his arm. Their impressive melee damage make up for their incompetency in ranged attacks.

Fusing Weapons

At the Arms Altar, the player can fuse two weapons into a new, singular weapon, which can adopt attributes from the two weapons used to create it. Each weapon has an ID number, and the result of combining both numbers determines the outcome of the fusion.


Weapons in Kid Icarus: Uprising
Arm Mini Icon
Crusher ArmCompact ArmElectroshock ArmVolcano ArmDrill ArmBomber ArmBowl ArmEnd-All ArmTaurus ArmUpperdash ArmKraken ArmPhoenix Arm
Blade Mini Icon
First BladeBurst BladeViper BladeCrusader BladeRoyal BladeOptical BladeSamurai BladeBullet BladeAquarius BladeAurum BladePalutena BladeGaol Blade
Bow Mini Icon
Fortune BowSilver BowMeteor BowDivine BowDarkness BowCrystal BowAngel BowHawkeye BowSagittarius BowAurum BowPalutena BowPhosphora Bow
Cannon Mini Icon
EZ CannonBall CannonPredator CannonPoseidon CannonFireworks CannonRail CannonDynamo CannonDoom CannonLeo CannonSonic CannonTwinbellows CannonCragalanche Cannon
Claws Mini Icon
Tiger ClawsWolf ClawsBear ClawsBrawler ClawsStealth ClawsHedgehog ClawsRaptor ClawsArtillery ClawsCancer ClawsBeam ClawsViridi ClawsPandora Claws
Club Mini Icon
Ore ClubBabel ClubSkyscraper ClubAtlas ClubEarthmaul ClubOgre ClubHalo ClubBlack ClubCapricorn ClubAurum ClubHewdraw ClubMagnus Club
Orbitars Mini Icon
Standard OrbitarsGuardian OrbitarsShock OrbitarsEyetrack OrbitarsFairy OrbitarsPaw Pad OrbitarsJetstream OrbitarsBoom OrbitarsGemini OrbitarsAurum OrbitarsCenturion OrbitarsArlon Orbitars
Palm Mini Icon
Violet PalmBurning PalmNeedle PalmMidnight PalmCursed PalmCutter PalmPudgy PalmNinja PalmVirgo PalmAurum PalmViridi PalmGreat Reaper Palm
Staff Mini Icon
Insight StaffOrb StaffRose StaffKnuckle StaffAncient StaffLancer StaffFlintlock StaffSomewhat StaffScorpio StaffLaser StaffDark Pit StaffThanatos Staff
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